New Home:)...

Here is to fresh starts:)...This is my new blog...Much more fun to look at, I think;). I was unable to bring over my wonderful followers, so please feel free to click the follow button if you were on my previous list...or, even if you weren’t:):) ! I am going to have a free download-able valentine on my sidebar soon...so check back for that in the next day or so...I think you’ll find my valentine character a “deer”, charming little thing (hint, hint).

If this is your first time reading, there is a little history here, my previous blog site. I’m going to leave it up for a couple weeks. Right now, I’m working on some fun projects that I’ll be sharing over the next few days...plus finishing up some new stamps for Sugar Nellie! (Can’t give you a peek, though...but you are gonna lov ‘em!) It seems like set 4 went over pretty well! Check out how gorg the witch is on the Sassy blog today!! Fantastic coloring!

This week I finished up two custom zombie girls (well, actually, one was an “undead” girl...though I’m not sure I completely understand the difference;) I did one for a mom, who wanted to turn her gorgeous daughter (gorgeous...like, ‘oh my gosh—she looks like a model’ gorgeous!) into a pretty zombie. Her daughter likes the gothic look, but is really fashionable and pretty....so I made her into a rather eye-catching zombie, I think:). (That’s what all the zombie boys are saying at least!)

And the undead girl. She was purchased to make a future tattoo out of (awesome!)...Needed to be blue with tattoos, pinup-y style, and have an undead kitty:). She is one of my favorite custom pieces to date.

And if you’re not a zombie fan like me (totally understandable...my mom doesn’t really get it either:), I put a sweet new butterfly catcher in my shop...and a new little music number;)

Well, thanks for coming along to my new place! I appreciate all my readers and love getting to know you!...Hope you’ll visit frequently!...Have a lovely Monday!



  1. Hi Krista, and welcome to your new home on blogger. love the new artwork, have been trying to decide which ones I want to buy on your etsy shop for weeks now, and the liust just keeps getting bigger.
    Love set 4 of the Sassy's and can't wait for more

  2. Hello Krista, I certainly like your new home & it's much more recognizable as your style. You can see it's yours the minute you land on it (not sure of computer speak terminology). Delighted by the 4th release of Sassy stamps. Have grabbed your coloured badge - now this will make you laugh. I copied the html & got distracted by something else on your blog & scrolled down & when I was about to switch to pasting your badge glanced up & wondered whatever had happened to the colours - of course I'd hidden the coloured one by scrolling but it took me a while to fathom that out.This is what happens when you pass 50! Have a lovely day.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Hiya Sweetie
    Welcome to blogger and im sure you'll love it......your blog looks absolutely amazing and loving all the art work :o)
    Also loving the new zombie girlies, they are fab but then again all your work is & cant wait to see more of your stunning creations!!
    Also thanks for stopping by my blog sweetie and leaving such a sweet comment, it means a lot *Mmwah*
    Hugs and xxx

  4. Oh sweetie your new blog is gorgeous!!! Looooooove the header font! And the header girl ♥♥♥
    Thanks for linking to the Simply Sassy blog!!

  5. Loving the new blog K

    *waving at ya

    Loving the new Sassys too I'm in lurvs with them all LOL

    Ali x

  6. Fab new blog Krista!

    ** Kate **

  7. I've downloaded the free invite - thanks.

    ** Kate **

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Much more you!!

  9. I like you new blog!
    beautiful new girls stamps!
    Honestly ..i don't like zombies...
    But your drawings are great!!


  10. fabby new Blog!!...and i Lurve!!..your zombie girls..im a big zombie fan too..and most of my friends don't get it :0)...but butterfly catcher is adorable too...loved the latest release from Sugar Nellie :0)...hugs...Debs x

  11. Hi Krista,
    Great fresh new look.
    Look forward to all your new creations this
    year. I have grabbed a new button for my
    blog. So now all my people can visit you!
    The sweet girl on the Par Avion bit is
    extra lovely. Enjoy your new home!
    Polka Dot Pixels Well Done!
    <3 Sue

  12. Fab as always and love the new look it so shows all your personality, fab!

  13. I love the soft new look, I'm guessing it reflects your heart and soul. :)



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