Pulling a late night at the computer...sending off emails and new stamps to be rubberized (wow...that was not highlighted by spell check...thought I was making that word up;) I'm almost done; now off to hop on treadmill, as I've been skimping on it this week. Not good!

I just bought a new Nikon camera and shot a couple of the kiddies and dog...playing around with it, since I've only ever used the little digital cameras I could fit into the inside zipper pouch of my pocketbook. I am pretty excited! I've wanted a Nikon forever!! Here are some first attempts...I love sepia pics; I'll probably sepia-ize (yup, that's all mine...spell check didn't like it) everything, but hey...who doesn't like an old, vintage looking effect!:)

Lilo kept running from me while I was trying to snap her picture...She didn't like the flash:) My favorites are the sleeping ones...Niamh ad Philly look so sweet and peaceful. Well, I'm beginnning to feel sleepy myself:) Better get my sneaks on before I talk myself out of the run. Have a lovely day!



  1. Sleeping children are beautiful and love sepia too, I had some of my wedding pics taken in sepia and they just give a totally different feel to them, fab and your doggie is just so cute too, thanks for sharing.Hugs Julye

  2. Beautiful photo's of your kids...so sweet!
    like your dog!


  3. Your kids are sooo adorable & them photo's are absolutely gorgeous and looks so professional sweetie, i think i could do with a new camera as i would love to take photo's like that of my 4 boys as with my camera they never come out that perfect :o)

  4. super pics - love the kids sleeping. Even my 3 wahoos look like angels when they're sleeping lol

  5. Stunning pictures of the little ones & your dog does look a bit bemused by the camera. For me it's the first one that really catches my attention - amazing character mingled with innocence in the faces. Hope you got some sleep too.
    Paula (PEP)



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