Februaury Giveaway...Glamour Damaged!

Hi all!:) I'm really excited for you to meet Julie from Glamour Damaged. She runs her own handmade business, has a really fab blog, and is super cute!...I was thrilled when she said she'd be a part of the giveaway...Here is a little about one of my *favorite* Etsy sellers...

1. What's a typical day for you?

Oh man, Id LOVE to say that I wake up and go straight to my ‘in home studio’ with some coffee and the whole day to create. BUT, I have a full time day job (Gasp!) Yep, im a “9-5er”. I hope that can give people inspiration that you CAN have a pretty successful etsy shop with a full time job. It does make for some pretty crazy mornings. On some mornings, I like to finish up projects that I started the night before. So I craft until ive run out of time. I do my makeup, hair and get dressed like a crazy women, photograph my new stuff literally on the way out the door! Most would get a good chuckle out of my mornings. I work all day and write new ideas in my notepad, and my evenings are dedicated to relaxing and sewing or crocheting.

2. What do you listen to or watch while you sew?

I have a playlist that can literally last for 12 hours. It ranges from 90’s Grunge to Indie to Trendy to Embarrassing! Some Randoms: Death Cab, Katy Perry, Arcade Fire, Jimmy Eat World, Etta James, Muse, Incubus, Lisa Lobe, Lady Antebellum. I recently got a tv for my little craft room, and I have a few movies on rotation: I Love You, Man. Step Brothers. Anchorman and The Other Guys. Those are movies that I can have on in the background and not have to pay that much attention to. My Husband and I are HUGE movie buffs though. I think weve seen everything under the sun. Tuesday nights are our movie nights

3. Five favorites. Anything...

Five favorite things off the top of my head:
-The sun setting over the lake when im camping
-Blood orange Italian soda
-Antique Fairs
-Making new friends
-Road Trips

4. What prints/fabrics/materials are you drawn to...and do you have a sewn piece envisioned before you pick out materials??

Im drawn to vintage fabric. I love bright colors. Floral. I love tiny floral prints paired with something funky that dosent match, like floral and plaid or stripes. My favorite vintage fabric purchase had a yellow background with big teal roses, or one that was a vivid purple with tiny pink flowers. I get A LOT of ideas through out the day. That’s when my notebook comes in handy. I can envision a piece, then pick out the materials later. When making a lot of my items though, I usually envision as I go. I love looking at all of my fabric in one large group. Some combinations will inspire me to create a piece. I love pairing fabrics.

5. How do you promote your business?

I don’t do a whole lot of promoting actually. I blog (but don’t promote that very well either!) I have a flickr account, twitter and facbook fan page. Im really bad about having business cards too. Id say im not too good at this part. I also get REALLY shy when my Mom or one of my friends “promotes” my shop to a friend (when were all in person) What I do is my passion, but the first thing that comes out of my mouth is “oh its just a little hobby I like to do” -Label this under “Character Flaw” :)

6. Do you have any new projects you are hoping to try in the future?...You've added new pieces to your shop over the past few months...Any skirts/dresses?? (*fingers crossed*:)

Im always challenging myself, which in turn comes new pieces in the shop. There will always be something new. The thought of making the same thing over and over and over is a nightmare to me! I love seeing my shop grow. Its shaping into something more wonderful each year. And YES, skirts are the next thing! Look for them VERY soon!

7. What's your personal style?
This is kinda tough. I like to keep it funky. When it comes to clothing, I’m definitely a comfy jeans kinda girl (these days its skinny jeans. Its taken me 4 years to jump on this bandwagon) Pair that with some cute shoes (I always like to add a pop of red or leopard to the mix) a hoodie and a simple shirt, and preferably a couple long necklaces, and that’s me.

8. 3 Things you can't go without...?
Kissing my Husband goodbye each morning
Blush (it will always make you look like you have it together when you don’t)
Coffee. I love my coffee

9. Favorite Etsy shops?
-Coolest rings ever. Made out of spoons with custom words stamped: Candle Bright Creations- www.undeadmushroom12.etsy.com
-Best skin products that I swear by: Smells and Bells- www.SmellsandBells.etsy.com
-SUPER cute clothing, a true inspiration: Poor Pittiful Pearl: www.poorpitifulpearl.etsy.com
-I want one of everything in her shop (check her sold section): Pretty Little Things: www.prettylilthings.etsy.com
- I had my custom bridal jewelry made from Laura at Violet Bella: www.violetbella.etsy.com

10. Who takes your shop pics, and do you have a special area set up for it?...(cuz they are fantastic!!)

Thanks! I take all of my shop photos. I use a Canon Rebel (love) and for a background, I have a large 6 foot by 4 foot piece of thin wood that’s painted white. I take all of my photos OUTSIDE which is key. Natural light is the only light you should use. Pair that with a white background, a camera with a high mega pixel and some photo editing software, and you can get some pretty great photos.

Thank you SO much for featuring me on your sweet blog! You can definielty call me a fan of yours, and its an honor to be here!
xo Julie aka. Glamour Damaged

Here is the super cute pouch she made for you to win:)...

There will also be some goodies inside!:)...In order to enter, you must be a *follower* and you need to leave an *answer* to the Valentine's question: What would you put on a conversation heart:)??...Be creative, funny, sweet-- whatever...Just let us know!:)...

PS...Giveaway will be closed to entries Thursday 12:00pm...Oh, and my heart would say "Philly"...cuz he is my little sweetheart...He still thinks I'm his girlfriend:) (*crossing fingers this lasts at least another year...it is too cute!*)

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  1. I would put BEATING 4 U but it would have to be a pretty big conversation heart!<: the pouch is GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. Honestly, I probably can't think of anything that isn't on a heart already, though I haven't eaten one since i was a kid, so I'm not really sure what they say. Anyway, I'd have to go with Luv Bug or maybe Sweet Thang!

    That pouch is awesome!

    What would I give to be as talented as ither of you!

    Have a great day!

  3. oooh cute pouch, I would put

    I love crafty time

    on mine x

  4. All the items are absolutely awesome! The both of you are very talented girls and keep up with the good work :o)
    What an adorable & sweet little pouch and i think i would have a heart saying '4 eva' or 'luv Munster' :o)

    Thanks for doing the fabbie giveaway :o)
    hugs and xxx

  5. awwww how cute is Philly!
    nice to meet Julie - I love to learn things like that about people, so thanks for asking all the best questions Krista
    I would put "babycakes" because that's what my other half calls me (on a good day lol) and it's what I call each of my 3 beautiful kids.
    have a great day

  6. Fab pouch and so colourful damaged glamour. Think I'm too late for the giveaway but never mind as I'd put always and forever on mine as thats what I've always signed my cards to my hubby with as he's the one who has my heart.

  7. This is a brilliant interview - so interesting & informative & I agree with Debz - Philly is rather special.My Mum was a crocheter & designed her own patterns so this was quite a lovely reminder for me. Amazing to work full time & run a craft business as a 'hobby".
    Paula (PEP)



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