A Glamour Damaged Giveaway!

It is really nice to come across someone who is a little (or a lot) ahead of you in “the business.” Sometimes I just scroll through my Favorites list on Etsy to get inspired by the people and shops who motivate and encourage me. The sellers that catch my eye are the ones that I look at and think—man, that’s my goal...to have pictures that nice, a blog that fun to read, a package that exciting to open, a brand that is distinct and special...At times, I have received exactly what I bought...and other times, I have received more than what I expected. There is nothing wrong with either, but I’d prefer to have a shop that exceeds expectations.

I did a blog craft swap a while back...maybe a year/ year and a half ago...can’t really remember. I’d never done one, so I was kind of nervous and really had no expectations...Wasn’t even sure this person would send me anything. Well, she did...and I was so pleasantly surprised. Everything packaged pretty. A fun, unique business card. An extra. A little hand written note. And a lovely gift. Her name was Julie; her shop, Glamour Damaged (check it out...the words “totally awesome” come to mind).

Fast forward to today, and I still check her shop out often. She has so many fabulous creations...It’s hard to choose which to treat myself to. Recently, I found the sweetest little smock; it has a little boy and girl on it that reminded me of Philly and Niamh. I told myself to “just fuhgeddaboudit!”...Well, that lasted a day. Then it was on its way to my house...Isn’t it so cute!...

I asked Julie to be part of my Feb blog Giveaway, and she kindly said yes! Check back early next week for a sweet gift to be won...and a fun interview with a girl who loves big glasses and vintage fabrics!

This week for me was a bit of a blur, but I did manage a little nerdy vampire. She is the teacher’s pet...who actually bites! I think she is rather harmless looking, though you never know...

Off to watch our favorite show, Fringe, now...I wait all week for it, so can’t be late...Joshua Jackson would be disappointed...hahaha, yeah right;)



  1. Hi Krista, love the fun element to that top and from what I've read about you it so suits your vibrant personality. Your teachers pet made me chuckle at the bite marks on the apple, you have such a fun and a bit wacky sense of humour and I do mean that in a nice way too. Thanks for sharing and have a fab weekend. We love fringe in our house too but it's not back on yet over here so no spoiling what happens,lol.

  2. what a great story - looking forward to seeing what the sweet treat is.
    Fringe is one of my favourites, and if its back on in the US then it should be back on over here very soon - can't wait to see how Olivia and Peter get on now



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