Heart Day...

Our Valentine's Day was nice and quiet...I prefer to wait a few days and go out on a nice date after the fact...much easier to get into a restaurant at a normal time:)...So, we stayed home, played a game, Phil and I watched a movie, and just had a nice family evening. Oh, and the treasure hunt was a huge hit:)!!...It was sooooo windy-- I thought one of the kids might blow away;)...They had a blast, despite the weather.

I put out 10 clues...took them from the house, to the truck, to the yard...and finally, to the front door (where a treat awaited them:)

This evening, I took Philly to the grocery store. He wanted to buy Niamh a flower instead of giving her a card...He picked it out himself. Wanted nothing to do with the roses. He is a daisy guy:)

Such a sweet guy:)...

Tomorrow I'm being a featured sponsor on the Poor Pitiful Pearl blog. I have a coupon code on there too (in case you want to grab something for a little cheaper from my shop:) The blog is truly an inspiration to me each day...A kick in the butt kind of encouragement (which is always the best, in my opinion). Shauna is really amazing...

Tomorrow I'm asking for a little help...in the way of some ideas from *you*...Kindly come back and help me out!!:):)...Especially you card-making/scrapbooking gals:)!!...

Happy Valentine's...Good night:)...



  1. I love daisies - looks like you had a wonderful day. Intrigued by your request so shall see you tomorrow. Thanks for your comment about the photos too.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Beautiful Post Krista!
    The photos make me feel like I was there!
    The smile on Philly's face in the daisy photo
    is magic. You could bottle it?
    Boy's just grow up too fast.
    So great that your two are so close and
    enjoy being with each other. Very special.
    Don't rush over to my blog just yet.
    I have only done the photos draft and some
    fine tuning that needed to be done now I am
    in the wider format. Finally I am happy with
    the look.
    PS Do you live out of town because it looks
    like you have a lot of room around it?
    <3 Sue

  3. Hi guys, boy you look like you had fun and what taste Philly has, I too love daises and had them for my wedding bouque.
    Thanks for sharing, hugs Julye.

  4. super pics Krista, and awww at Philly, he just makes your heart melt doesn't he!
    have a great day



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