Ideas, Ideas, Ideas:)

Having some thoughts about new projects always makes me excited and very much inspired. I think that's part of feeling inspired for me; continuing to dream and push myself to do new things.

I've been wanting to do a coloring book for some time...Niamh will sit for hours and color in my Simply Sassy girls (I print them out for her, since I have the line work saved and ready...plus, it is easier for her to color a bit larger than the rubber size...but she's the only one who gets the digital version...sorry, girls;)...Anyway, I thought about sending artwork samples to publishers that deal with activity and coloring books (and I still might), but I've been thinking about printing my own. The up side to that is obvious-- the design, layout, and theme will all be left up to me:). I'd like them to be kind of special...maybe even for older girls. I'm hoping for perforated pages as well, so the images can be framed nicely. Hopefully, sometime this spring I'll be able to start selling them. I am starting to get ideas together now...as well as some equipment I'll need (I want them to be spiral bound...it will be so much easier to color that way:).

I do have some new artwork I've been working on as well. I fell in love with these Holga cameras lately...I don't own one yet, but would love the chance to play around with one!...I thought a set of three "Holga" girls would be a cute addition to my shop. I finished one today, and I have another just waiting for a final draft. Still thinking of a third:) She is a little retro, little bit sexy, too:)

Here is what a Holga looks like...This one is especially cute with it's special colors!

And here is my new little girl, Freckles:) I don't like to do teeth a whole lot, only because they are difficult for me...But I thought I'd give it another go. She's a little on the goofy side, but makes me smile:)...

Tomorrow, I'm going thrift shopping with my cousin. There is a nice store I've never been to about an hour away, so if I find any goodies for a possible Project Re-style idea, I'll be sure to post some pics:)...Adios!



  1. These are fabulous hun I especially love the holga girl. I think your idea of a colouring book is an awesome idea & think it would really sell well & def spiral bound I used to hate it the way colouring books were when I was younger. Hope one day you will do digi's but for now we gladly settle for your designs in rubber lol. Good luck with it all & enjoy yourself tomorrow hun.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  2. Well I love the coloring book idea. My daughter is 19 and when she comes home from college she likes to color your sassy girls then she leaves them for me to make cards with lol. I would so buy her the coloring book.

  3. Oooooo.. love to have that little girl as a stamp!!

  4. Gorgeous image and her teeth are super lol.
    Love the colouring book idea especially that the images are bigger than rubber stamps. That's why I love making my colouring books from digital images. My daughter is 5 and loves colouring in her book.

    Hugs, Mette

  5. Have a fun day thrift shopping and good luck with the colouring book idea, sure there'll be lots of takers, and love both thees new images too.

  6. Well I would definately buy your colouring books...whenever I am stamping I always have to stamp one for me and one for Jude! I have a little pad that I always stamp a few extra on but they are quite small for little ones to colour.

    LOVELOVELOVE Freckles!
    Have fun shopping...look forward to seeing your finds!

  7. both girls are fab - the second one looks a bit of a daydreamer, away with the fairies :)
    and wow, you wouldn't lose THAT camera in a hurry would you?
    a colouring book would definitely be a good idea - can I reserve 2 now? in fact you'd better make it 3, one for Willow, one for Faith and of course I would have to have one too :)
    Have a great day

  8. Oh, I love both of these images ... think they'd make great stamps.

  9. ooo wow these are fabulous krista.i love the 1st drawing , she is really sassy :D

    xx coops xx

  10. I love that Holga Girl - & I can see why you like that camera - those colours again!! But - if you put it in your craft room (the new one) you'd never find it as it would blend in so well with all the shelves etc...... (oh what fun!).
    I had to laugh at your cat - & I know what you mean about giving things another go.........some things just have to be done over & over until they click. A colouring book would be so useful for then i could practice my Sassy girls.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. ooooooooo Please do a colouring book my daughter is 12 but she would love one it would be a nice christmas prezzy to go in her stocking as she loves your images too lol

  12. Freckles is darling! Your work is always so fun. Coloring books would be great. I'm sure my granddaughter would love them. :)



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