Snapshots of Spring...

Today it is close to 70 degrees...You know that first day you can smell spring when you walk outside?...Today makes it seem just around the corner, although I know better than to hope for that. It's still Februaury...and March is usually just as chilly here. But, the warm air is a terrible tease;)...Makes me want spring all the more!...Even the bulbs are fooled by the last two days of warm weather...They started peeking through the brown, winter ground...Maybe Punxsutawney Phil was really on to something?:)...

And look at the a bird nest I found in the bushes...It must have been a very grungy little bird, but resourceful at that...the nest is a mix of sticks, tape, fabric, and even the ties that hold toys into packages!...I thought it was so funny...

I made this banner yesterday, not really with the weather in mind. I love signs, banners, really anything with a saying that makes me smile. I've got my house just filled with them...And the simple word "grow" reminds me to never stop moving forward. I believe in being content where I am in life, but never satisfied. It motivates me to keep chugging along...growing as an artist and a person.

I love making banners...I used a face from a new piece of artwork that I really like....just cuz she reminded me of myself-- I've been known to wear a crazy hairstyle or two;)...

Hope your day is warm and happy as well...Tomorrow I'm going to attempt my first outfit post. Thanks for checking in!



  1. beautiful photographs hon...can't wait for spring to arrive..we're expecting snow here again over the weekend!!..love your sweet banner too :0)

    Debs x

  2. It's been bitingly cold here in Wales today - looking forward to spring & the crocuses are poking up here too. I like your words about being content but striving to grow - real wisdom. I'm working on my thoughts about Sassy stamps.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. beautiful pictures krista.i love spring when all the flowers start to peek out of the ground and the lighter days :D
    its snowed in staffordhire, england today so your fab pics have really made me smile.
    thanks for sharing :D

    xx coops xx



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