What I'm Loving...

Thanks so much for all the great comments left yesterday...I will be thinking lots about all your suggestions and ideas!...What a great help they will be!:)

Here are some things I'm lovin'...Enjoy:)

Images from WeHeartIt. I especially love the tent...I'd rather spend the day there than in a 5 star hotel!!...It's magical...

This airplane image needs to be in my house somewhere:)...I am obsessed with airplanes (just have trouble actually getting on them;). Check out the Etsy shop here.

I bought this skirt yesterday. I'm so happy that mid-length skirts are a trend this spring. I love them. It's an easy, comfortable way to look totally pulled together. I tried to resist this cutie, but it has little leather straps on the pockets...That got me. And my money:).

Pretty, simple bridal accessories. I love an understated look...especially for a wedding party. This bow is from Anthropologie's new wedding line, BHLDN (pronounce "BEHOLDEN":) It is worth a peek, even if you've been married for years. It's a site filled with romantic, lovely things...

The rare, perfectly applicable and well-timed fortune cookie quote:) We pulled this one out of Niamh's cookie last week, just when she was becoming a little disgruntled with school work;) Thank you Best Food in Town...you gave me the perfect parenting cookie.

Have a lovely Wednesday...Smooch:)



  1. I WANT one of those tents!!

  2. It's the butterflies that do it for me - & that lovely skirt but I'm not tall enough for calf-length!! Love the white & pink combinations too - funnily enough I've been working with pink more than usual but these images remind me of how soft it can be & classy. Anyhting worth doing - goes brilliantly with your Bible quote on the motivation board. - you see what an impact that had on me & I keep being reminded of it as I do battle with colouring & getting to grips with light & shade etc.....
    Paula (PEP)
    Thanks for all your lovely comments - they really encourage me.

  3. have to agree with Paula, the butterfly book really stood out for me - and I think I might have to do a post like this once in a while, you could start a trend like Julia and her WOYWW (what's on your workdesk wednesday)http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/
    the plane also stuck out for me - I was in the air cadets as a teenager and then joined the RAF at 17, so aircraft featured quite a bit in my younger days.
    thanks for popping over to my blog now and then - I'm thrilled to bits, cos you're famous ;)

  4. sorry, me again - just had to tell you the verification word I had to type to leave that last comment, I like how it just rolls off the tongue.....


  5. aww..i'm so loving the tent too..it reminds me of summer..we always try to have a little "gig" (hubby is in a band)..in a little gazebo (not that nice)in our back garden with loads of friends and food ..and im with Debz..thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog...
    starstruck..lol..Debs x



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