What I'm Loving...

Things to inspire, catch your eye, or maybe just make your day a little bit more pretty:)...

My dream art/craft room is based on a turquoise, white, and red color palette...so, yes, feeling a tad jealous here;)

Simple pink pleasures.

Lace...and pretty lights...

Missing my sister who went back to NY yesterday...Come back to us Carla! (Her name is not really Carla; it's a sister thing:)

Beautiful shoes I would be too scared to wear; but a girl can always dream!

My brown, red, and pink dreads are 1/3rd way finished!...Yay...I am loving the thought of playing with hairstyles once I get them in...Her's are tidy and sweet.

This skirt is from FreePeople. Finally, a long, bustled skirt that is not part of a Halloween costume...I have waited literally years for this skirt!:)...On my wish list!

Finger art. This is me and the kids "thing" while we wait in the bank drive-through...But we call them 'worms'...it's fun:)

Pretty places to sleep or hide away:) I especially love the last...reminds me of sleeping at my Grandmom's. She had a shelf above her guest bed just like that, filled with cute toys and dolls. Felt like sleeping in a toy shop:)

And finally...

Gonna go do some sheep-counting, as I'm up too early...(or maybe far too late:)...I had this exact toy when I was really little. I love this pic!...Good night:)

(All images via weheartit, except if noted otherwise.)



  1. Fab things, that turqoise shop and light wood is wonderful eye candy wouldn't it be fab and all those pretty colours on the shelves and so neat and tidy and no clutter. Those shoes the pink ones with mechano heels wow! I'd never be able to stand up in them never mind dare wear them and love that skirt too, wonder if they will become fashionable enough to have a dress making pattern then you could have one in every colour and love that wooden stairway lounging area, I'm now trying to work out where I could put one in my house think it might just be a dream though. Have a fab day.

  2. That craft room makes me a tad jealous too. I feel your pain with your sister my sisters and mom live in ny too. I miss them like crazy.

  3. I love these posts that you do Krista, it's just like sitting around with your girlfriends with mugs of coffee, something nice and warm and freshly baked and being all wistful about the things we'd like to have
    My partner and I have these long complicated conversations about all the nice things we would have if we won the lottery, how we would design our own house and what we'd put in it.
    have a great day

  4. I got so engrosssed in bow tying with your post yesterday I ran out of time.... so. Love that ironing board cover & the checked flooring. A craft room in those colours would brighten anyone's day, never mind waking one up. That pink bow is a beauty - I like them tied neatly & those lacey tights great with a short skirt, whilst talking about skirts I just love that one - you'll look great in that. Not sure about the stairs - I get a bit dizzy just looking at it especially without railings. I've never seen shoes like those either & I absolutely love the sheep.I agree with Debz - love these posts of yours & it's a way of chatting across the miles.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Ooooh, those tights take me back to primary/junior school days - loved wearing those - and the lacy white knee high socks. Too old now at 48 to wear them, or am I?!! Yep, I am...:( Maybe in the house when I'm alone! Have only just found your blog and I LOVE it, thank you for your posts that make me take time out of my day to 'chill'....



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