20 in 30

Last night, I was kind of feeling a little in a funk. I have custom artwork that needs to get finished...stamps that are dancing around in my head to send off to SN...and some Etsy shop tweaks I really want to make. None of it was getting done...I think I needed a break from the pencil and paper. So, I made something I think will be quite useful; and it put some ideas on paper-- which is always better than having them float around in my cluttered, untidy head;)

I've been focusing more energy on my blog...trying to get it to the place where I feel like it is exactly what I want, what I picture. I've learned a lot since my first go at it...even taken a blogging e-course that gave me some really helpful insights as to how to build something that is creative, fun to read, and most of all-- unique and, well, *me*. I've been developing some fun ideas to use in the near future and thought I should write them down in a little journal...so I don't forget and so I'm always inspired to post something I'm excited and happy to share. Last night, I needed to get away from the art for a couple hours, so I made my own little journal.

It's only about 5x5 inches...has 20 goals that I'm determined to meet in 30 days (or less;)...and a place in the back to write down any extra ideas that may pop into my head:) I'm so glad I made my own, because it really is cute. Plus, I spent a lot of time on it-- so now I have to meet those goals!! No use making something so sweet and letting it go to waste!

I took the binding ideas from a photojournal lesson you can buy here. It is basically hole punches and ribbon. The front and back covers are backingboards cut down to size and covered with cardstock and embellishments. I even broke out the sewing machine and stitched the papers. (Yes, I was feeling very motivated after I got into it;)

This is the back cover.

And the inside pages are just quirky little designs filled with ideas and small, reachable goals for the next month.

I have some really fun things planned for the next couple weeks...Including a fun week of posts on how to throw the perfect "Girls Night In". My sisters are going to help me out with this, and it's going to be really fun-- and hopefully get you into party-with-your-girlfriends- mode;)!! Stay tuned:):)

It should be a fun month of blogging...and challenging myself to grow:)...Funny thing, I thought last night was going to be a waste creatively speaking...and then a funny little hour or two of journaling changed that all around!

Thanks for checking in, and I hope your weekend was wonderful!!



  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Its looks absolutely gorgeous sweetie and what a fabbie idea.....keep us updated on how you get on with your goals :o)
    hugs and xxx

  3. Oooooo fab little journal..and a great idea!

  4. Gorgeous Journal, love the idea of having your goals in it. I hope you achieve them all. And if not, just add a few pages. Don't put yourself under too much pressure.
    Suzi x

  5. Such a cool idea now maybe you wont feel too overwhelmed. One idea at a time.

  6. Whoa - 20 in 30? Now I know that impossibilist streak! Brilliant way of getting something achieved though & there's certainly fruit from your blog studying - lovely for me to see someone else really thinking about presentation & creating something individual. Take care & thanks for being such an encourager.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. PS - love how pretty the ribbons & stitiching make it & the way you've decorated the back - the butterflies are brilliant & I like the dimension & texture you've put into it - that sewing is super.

  8. Fab journel and super idea hope you suceed, I'd be useless at it as I never know what day it is.

  9. Fab journal its a great idea, but dont put yourself under to much pressure.

    take care have a great week,
    Hugs Bridget :0) x

  10. A beautiful little journal, such a good idea...I have a notebook on my side for moments in the night when I jot dowm my card making ideas! Love your blog Krista...and your stamps of course, they are amazing. Hugs, Teresa x



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