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Going a hundred different directions today, as tomorrow we are off to the beach house (BOY_YA!;)...Yay, I can't wait:)...I even did my nails just for the beach...not that the beach cares what I look like mid- March:)

I love this no-paint thing. Definitely worth the price tag. Oh, and I finally took that pic of Philly I spoke of earlier in the week. Thanks to the yucky weather, I missed the entry deadline (plan on being ahead of game for next contest!)...but anyways, here would have been my entry to The Paper Mama's blog for the theme "green."

Philly is obsessed with these windmills we pass on the way to Niamh's school. If you ask him about them, he will tell you exactly this: "they turn on the lights and are environmentally friendly" :). Here's two more...

Getting a 5 year old boy to focus for a picture in the middle of a big ol' field is a little hard to do...but now I have a couple to frame and put in his room.

So, I am packing at some point today...and working on a few art pieces tonight. And watching Fringe:)...I will be sure to post pics of our vacation at the beach as the week goes on. My whole family is going to be all warm and cozy in one big house:) Gonna be fun (and loud. My apologies Ocean City, NJ...for my boisterous family;)...

Oh, and working on tweaking my pages in my title bar under my banner. I managed to finish up "About" today:). Next, I need to edit my character page to include my top favorites...But, that will have to wait till next week.

Have a lovely Friday night!...



  1. OOooo Loving the nails!

    Have a fab time!!!xx

  2. What beautiful pics of your son!! And your nails are super fab!!! Is that tattoos I spy? What ones have you got? Pics please!!! Hugs, Marie xx

  3. Lucky you - the beach - the sea - the fresh air = WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! have a great weekend.
    Vee xxx

  4. I'm with Jane,
    Loving those nails!

  5. OHHHH! LOVE those nails--must figure out how you did that! Came here from Freckled Nest!

  6. visiting from freckled nest! I love your artwork! You're so talented!

  7. I saw another post of someone with the nail art... I am going to have to try this out. looks amazing.

  8. Loving the nails Krista. Enjoy your time with your family. You can always hear your own kids, lol, and think their the loudest but I'm sure your not alone. Hugs Tracy x

  9. I'm so happy that I finally saw someone use those nail things! I have been wanting to try and wasn't sure. And your pictures are adorable! :)

  10. Love the photos & hope you have a super time away. That last black & white photo is just super.
    Paula (PEP)
    & if I'm not mistaken that must be arm art too.

  11. i wish i could do my nails that good... and you have the cutest little boy!

  12. love your blog, just found it today. come check out my latest photo shoot!

    come and visit me at

  13. hope you've had a fantabulous weekend away at the beach Krista, love the pics of Philly and I really love the one of you, not sure why, but it really appeals to me :)

  14. Linked over from Freckled Nest. Ahhhh, vacations are such a fabulous thing!!! And your nails are awesome!!!



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