Our Green Frog Tradition

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been buying these green frog cupcakes on St. Patrick's Day. She always bought only one, and we would split him between the six of us:) The whole day, us kids would look forward to that sliver of green cupcake. She still buys the frog- now one for each of our own families:) I think the only reason I ever wanted to leave home was so that my frog ration would increase:) I knew marrying would get me my own frog. Even now, I still can't wait for my piece-- and it's much bigger, split between four than six. (I am slighty obsessed about this frog. So is my sister, Jen...She has confessed to sneaking over to the bakery one year and buying a bunch of them...Ate them all right then and there in her car-- and she is in her twenties...Yeah, he is that good;)

That's our big thing...eating this frog. I think Niamh licked her bowl. And Philly's, too. We are breeding the same frog cupcake obsession in them I guess:)

I feel absolutely no remorse cutting that little sucker into pieces:)...

Niamh wore her favorite holiday necklace to school. I stacked up the pins on her sweater, too. (Later, I found out that this is not really a look she was into...but she humored me:).

And my sick little guy managed to wear a green pair of pj pants all day...He wasn't feeling too festive, but he kept down the frog:)

Hope you had a nice holiday as well!...And if you'd like to be a part of the card swap (check it out here), email me (krista7smith@yahoo.com) by tomorrow morning!! Have a good night!



  1. Love the look of that frog - in flavour as well as sight. Hope Philly feels very mich better quickly. Not realized until now how big St Patricks day is in the US.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Hi Krista,
    The frog cake is like the ones the bakery in
    South Australia has made famous over the years.
    Ours are one person serves.
    They even Voted that the frog cakes a national
    Adelaide Icon??? They are very sweet and fun.
    As a child they were hard to resist.
    St Patricks day is very special to me. My
    Grandpa was born on the day 109 years ago.
    He was scotish but his father and mother
    were born in Ireland. My mother has Irish rellies on her side too. I love hunting through our family history so many surprises for this so called Aussie family? Oh and I am a Hanrahan which is pretty darn Irish on my hubbies side!
    Thanks for the cake crumbs,
    <3 Sue

  3. That is too funny!! Must be some cupcake! HOpe your little one is feeling better soon!

  4. Love the green frog tradition. How great for you to have something to pass down and the great memories shared with your sisters. I am the oldest of three girls and our memories are the one thing i treasure. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I just had to show your post to my husband, he is a Plastic Paddy (that means half Irish - big half I might add!!) He just loved those cakes,I'll try to make him some next St.Pats day.

  6. LOL i loved this post, i remember every thursday was payday and the kids got mouse, yogurt and crisps, the parents got chinese and the 13 yes you read that right the 13 of us would sit and wait to see if there was any rice lfet over, its gone the other way with me i cannot even look at rice now...

    I love your frog though, i really like frogs as you know lol (just not weird ones)..

    Have a great weekend chick hugs pops x x x



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