Project Re-Style Table (on the cheap;)...

Before I show you my table, I should qualify this post by saying a couple things-- One, I am not a patient person; and therefore, lack a necessary quality of anyone who is going to work with paint. Two, paint does not like me (and the feeling is exactly mutual;). And lastly, I did the unthinkable and spray painted the table. I know this is probably a sin, but I only spent about 7 dollars on it...so I didn't want to spend $25 on paint (cuz chances are, the paint and I are going to have a brawl and it will come out on top...believe me, it has happened before:)...So, because it was cheap and relatively quick, I cheated and used spray paint. The good thing is, the whole project-- table included-- cost me just over 20 bucks:)...

Here it is, just bought:)...

And here it is, all painted up:). It must have had some type of finish on it (although it didn't feel like it to me) because the paint pulled away from some areas...that's the little dotted effect:)...I'm gonna chalk it up to my love of all things shabby chic and never again volunteer the info that I couldn't get it to look smooth if I wanted to...I told you paint doesn't like me. :) So, it is my little distressed table, made to look a bit old and worn...;)Shhhh...Don't tell my secret!

Check back later today if you'd like to see a couple Sassy stamps go from sweet, pretty girls to pretty little zombies:)...I've got two of the girliest ones turned into creepies:)!

Till then, have a nice day:)



  1. Looks so much better and has a fab lived in look. Well done you.

  2. It looks fabulous Krista, I love the texture of the glazes.

    have a fab day

    Hugs Bridget :-) x

  3. well done you - must admit I have no patience either
    can't wait to see the cute creepies

  4. You have done a fab job Krista!! You've inspired me to go and get the little whicker chair that has been sitting up in my loft for ages waiting to be re-vamped!!


  5. It has a new life, and I think you did a great job. Whenever I spray paint anything I leave a huge spray line all over the driveway which doesn't make my husband happy. Lol so I stay away from spray. Well done.

  6. This looks gorgeous hun I love shabby chic I really do & I'm crap at spraying I'm more a paint person lol. It prob just needed a light sanding so that the paint had something to adhere to or you could use a primer. Believe me tho I'm not an expert I have a thing for decorating I love it the only prob is my friends all get me to design their rooms & stuff for them so I thought if I took up crafting it would be cheaper & less tiring lol.
    I think you have done a fabulous job here & I would be proud of this hun.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  7. I think you've done a super job and nobody will know it was spray painted. I recently bought my daughter a new (brand new) toddler bed and I am spray painting that(plus a few other changes) now who does that, lol. At least you now have what you wanted and at a decent price!!

  8. The dotted effect works really well - & if you'd not said it would look as if it's meant to be as it is - brilliant use of the old & making it look utterly different but appropriate for what you want.
    Paula (PEP)
    Love the way you've arranged the flowers etc..... looks really good.



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