Two Dreamers...

I love the Wizard of Oz...Like, it's one of my top 5 movies all time. That's how much I love it. Alice in Wonderland-- well, I wouldn't say I love the story, but I think pieces of it are rather wonderful...and the characters are some of my favorites to draw (I loved drawing my Mad Hatter chic:). A while back, I read a pretty interesting post on a blog called Her Library Adventures. I had never realized that these two stories of dreamers had so much in common...

Alice and Dorothy are both lead characters in very similar, almost parallel stories...Sure, it was a tornado for one and a rabbit hole for the other-- but either way, they both ended up in magical worlds...being harassed by female villains (although, I much prefer the wicked witch to Dorothy...I think the green lady is just misunderstood. And a little grumpy. Mostly misunderstood. Kind of think Dorothy had it coming, just popping in like that...killing off her sister and stealing some hot red heels;) Anyways, I thought the likeness of the two girls was a pretty neat concept, and I've been wanting to draw a new Alice and a Dorothy for my shop since discovering this similarity...Kind of made the stories sparkle all over again for me. Now I'm in the mood for some tea and a little windy weather:) (Note: I'm obsessed with tornadoes, too. Weird, I know...My first license plate was "1WAY2OZ"...Yeah, I'm a total dork:)

So, here are my new girlies:)...and some food for thought next time you are inclined to do some literary studies...hahaha:)

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaa sweet new girls!!! LOVE those shoes!!!

  2. Hi sweetie these 2 sweeties are gorgeous I love them both......how cute are they.
    I know what you mean if someone stole any of my shoes.....well I would have to be-head them...I love my shoes & boots I have far too many of them......what am I saying gosh a girl can NEVER have too many shoes!!!!

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  3. The witch in wizard of Oz scared me as a child (same as the one in Snow White). But I still love watching.
    Your girls are as always FABBY - sorry, wanted everyone to know hehe. Pity I an getting to old to wear heels (my back).

    Hugs, Mette

  4. Fab girlies as always and love those red shoes!

  5. Never thought about it like that before......I love TWOO too my favourite colour is red and its because of those sparkly shoes!!!I'm a huge lover of gingham too again from Dorothy's Dress. Ain't life strange. From one film I have 2 of my favourite things! I'm longing to go see Wicked and I need to read the Wicked book too as its from the WWOTW prespective....I do like her I must admit. Loving these cuties...

    Ali x

  6. I must confess i have never seen alice in wonderland and have been wanting to. Maybe you have inspired me to rent it this week. I absolutely hate tornadoes and maybe its because we get them here in texas. Im a native new yorker so i dont thi k i will get used to them. Lol. But i absolutely love the new girls. Perhaps the will become rubber stamps? Thanks for the laugh about dorothy had it coming. Too funny.

  7. your girls are gorgeous - and I agree with you, I love the Wizard of Oz, but was never a fan of Alice in Wonderland - when it comes down to it I don't like Peter Pan either lol
    Anyway, dunno if you noticed but I finally got around to ordering some of your art plus the gorgeous Japanese pic from your Etsy store, and i can't wait to get my sticky mitts on them.

  8. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These MUST be put into stamps, you hear me?????? lol

  9. I love the Dorothy! I'm actually going to a sing-a-long showing of The Wizard of Oz in the Castro district of San Francisco on Friday :D <3

  10. I did a biography of Charles L Dodgson (AKA Lewis Carroll) for one of my theology assignments so I'm rather fond of Alice but I could never understand the story...... I do rather like the Alice imagery though.
    Paula (PEP)



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