Wednesday What I'm Lovin'...

Simple treasures, dreamy thoughts, and a little bit of inspiration for the rest of your week...

For the kids. The cutest toothbrush holder. And, quite possibly, the best staircase ever invented. EVER.

A refreshing little piece of wall art. We spent our first 10 months of married life in California. I loved it.

Storage solutions that are practical...and pretty:)

Soap that is more than worth an extra buck or two. This is my favorite smell.

I can't resist. Throwing some beloved zombie stuff in here...

Pretty places...and dreamy spaces...and a perfect napping chair:)

And, finally, simple lyrics that say so much:)

Images via (in order):


Home Sweet Home
Friends of Type
Weheartit (all zombie pics)
Camping 3 Akers
My Future Home
Megan's Inspiration File

I'll be back tomorrow with my ugly, little table project outcome:)...and some reasons why I'll never go into the furniture restoration business:). Until then, toodles:)



  1. LOL - loving the zombie warning. Just too kool (love anyone with a sense of humour).
    The staircase I WANT and those brill storage solution. Yeah - I think I am loving your taste in kool things.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. That staircase is just the most awesome thing ever I love it altho I would never use the stairs coming down lol. My washing I could just slide down lol. Love the jar storage may do something like that in my little hobbit. Thanks for sharing hun.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  3. Everything zombie in this post is so awesome xD especially that uber cute zombie heart! I just hope that Iron Fist will make platforms without peep toe one day <3


  4. Every one of these made me smile. Great way to start the day. Can't wait to see the ugly little table. Lol. Have a great day.

  5. oooo I love them all too - let me pick my favourites...
    those stairs are fabulous, can I have a wider slide on mine though for my wider bum lol
    the zombie shoes are ace, don't think we'll see Paris Hilton in them anytime soon (which is always a plus for me lol)
    and I'm pretty sure I'd love that soap, sounds yummy to me

  6. Love the staircase I really want a spiral staircase but the space I have isn't big enough for this one ...shame though.And the shoes.

  7. I love the toothbrush holder & the hearts, the west coast sign is very cleverly designed & the little caravan very pretty indeed. the zombie sign made me laugh & the soap is beautifully wrapped & I expect smells glorious.
    Paula (PEP)



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