Wednesday What I'm Lovin'...

Here is my list this week, short and sweet;)...Things I've noticed and maybe even squealed over (see toilet paper wedding dress!:)...

From pinterest, here is a really cute idea...to keep track of your day, through the years:) I love this...may even have to start one for our family.

Does anyone else hear the lyrics "bye, bye miss American pie..." when they see these shorts??...:)

Books that have seen better days...or have they?...I think they look pretty well-loved:)

I know this is really random, but I'm earning wifey brownie points here:) I love (L-O-V-E)watching baseball and football on TV...but basketball is not something I've ever been able to get into...until recently. Trying to give it one more shot (pun intended;)...I did slightly jump when Anthony hit tonight's winning shot-- so maybe I'm being converted. Phil is giving it his best effort. He's already turned me into a Yankee and Giants fan....so we'll see;)

My very favorite-est animals in whole world:)...and Niamh's too:)

And here are a bunch of pretty pinks you might like...

The wedding dress is made entirely of toilet paper...Check it out here (and the awesome cause behind the dress!).

And here is a pretty mailbox...check out today's earlier post to join in some mailbox fun:)

Finally, my favorite mug (I stole it from Philly;)...The dinosaur's bones show through when you put something hot in it. *Awesome.*

Have a lovely night:)...

shorts, books, typewriter, manatees, and tree via weheartit
everything else, unless noted, from pinterest



  1. Dear Krista,
    Or should I say pass the toilet paper!!!!!!!
    What a great dress, I hope it is the tough
    stuff so it makes it through the whole day!
    Please let me know where you can get that
    Dinosaur Mug, one boys birthday is
    approaching and he would love it more than anything!
    <3 Sue

  2. Oh - I am loving these. Especially the pink mailbox. Love American mail-boxes. The daily account idea is super but would need a lot of storage space hehe.
    Let's hope it doesn't rain on the bride otherwise that dress would be down the drains (sorry - couln;t resist) but WoW, a fabulous dress.
    Enjoy your day, Mette

  3. That wedding dress is beautiful! I can't believe it's made of toilet paper

  4. Good morning love the pink mailbox and that tp dress is unbelievable. Of course being born and raised in ny i am a huge yankee and knick fan. The giants not so much. Lol. I live in texas now and the kids go for dallas. Oh well i tried. Have a great day.

  5. I saw that one of your pics said 'link to facebook'. Are you on facebook? I looked for your fan page but can't find it. Also, I just got my first THREE stamps from your collection. I LOVE them!! So excited to make some cards!
    Have a great day!

  6. I really love that daily calendar file... I might have to use that idea sometime! It would be really awesome to look back at every year. :)

  7. Love the books - we have a few thousand dating back to the seventeenth century in my husband's library. Makes me feel at home. My other favourite is the pink trees - images of trees just do something for me.
    The mailbox is rather unusual. Not sure about the wedding dress - interesting concept.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. I'm actually not on FB yet...I'm trying to navigate my way through making a fun fan page...but I haven't gotten it done just yet:)...

    I'll definitely let you know when I'm up and running on there!!...




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