Wednesday What I'm Lovin'...

Some things to enjoy, inspire, and move you. What's your favorite??

Some beautiful thoughtful pieces. I especially love the last.

What a sweet favor. You can find them here.

Some funnies for ya:) The doggies crack me up:P

Johnny Cash. Love. Love. Love. I know he is before my time, but I swoon at this pic;) Niamh could sing his Folsom Prison song at age three...We are addicted:)

I like this garland because it's so different and easy to make. Got any scraps of fabric just laying around??...

My favorite summer days are spent with kids in little pool and me laying on a blanket with pillows reading next to them. I don't think my set-up is quite this pretty, but it gives me something to work towards:)

Totally in love with this centerpiece!!

Both bunnies are too cute, but I'd have to go with big guy here-- I mean, he could literally be a watch dog. He's enormous:):)

I've seen the musical twice. Read the book. Collect anything with a green witch on it:) I love her. Just for the record, I imagine that her shoes looked something like this...and I actually very much prefer them to the red sparkly ones Dorothy wore. (I dislike Dorothy immensely;)...Just wanted to let everyone know:)

Finally, a perfect little saying for the crafty/ artsy gal to live by. I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at some of my favorites from the week!

Images via weheartit and pinterest, unless otherwise noted.



  1. I love coming over here on a Wednesday to see what your lovin'

    I really want to see Wicked....persuading Hubby that that would be a good pressie for my 40th next year....a trip to London to see it would be FAB!!

  2. for me it is the last that is the most apt personally but the one about the living, missing & dead that really speaks in the present moment together with praying for Japan. On a lighter note the white rabbit in the cup/bowl makes me smile.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Hi Krista,
    I am Lovin all of the above.
    What a mighty posting!!!! Johnny Cash is a
    fav too. Has been forever. Before the 80's
    and Johnny Depp stole my heart;)
    Your Artwork is extra spec. Love the blossom.
    <3 Sue

  4. so much to love in this post!



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