Wednesday What I'm Lovin'...

Take a peek:)...

Starbucks cake pops. Oh. My. GOODNESS. These are so yummy!! I love the tiramisu flavor the best:) My advice: Try one! (or 6.)

EEK...These are too adorable:) I have ant salt and pepper shakers now; but wouldn't mind getting a couple new ones (from Modcloth)...especially these two sweetpeas:)

Simple, pretty, comfy dresses. (From Anthro *on sale* and Modcloth, respectively). They are a minimalist style...but sometimes just a change in texture or a quiet pattern can be enough. I love them both:)

Pretty, huh?...Organic, exquisite, and rather magical.

No frames needed:)...I really like this idea. Just gotta find me some pretty colored jars. And a mantle to put them on:)

Dream closet. *Sigh*

Alice and Wonderland meets backyard bird feeder.

I saw this on Modcloth and bought it immediately:) You can stick a little note inside the doll from underneath! I'm going to surprise Niamh and put it in her lunchbox. We are big on lunchbox notes...and every once in a while, a special little treat, too:)

Loving these accessories from Anthropologie. Once in a while, they put out a robotic looking animal or person necklace...and I just adore them all! Wouldn't mind snatching up the wide belt or the colorful scarf either:)

And lastly, a picture that made me smile:) ...Thanks for checking in! What's your favorite??

Pics via pinterest, except where noted.



  1. I like the little vases with pictures in them cute way to display pics. The little person neclace is adorable too. I also have never seen those little cakes from starbucks i will have to go in and look. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I have to admit to owning a few of the momiji dolls, they are just too cute, and my girls can't keep their hands of them lol
    And it looks like I might have to have a trip to starbucks, although I suspect they won't have those cake-pops over here in Scotland

  3. Ooooooooooo, cake pops!!!!!!! They've not reached London yet, but when they do, I'll be buying 'em up by the box load!!! Marie xx

  4. Gotta be the salt'n'pepper shakers...soooo cute!! I love the idea for the birdfeeder too!!

    Enjoy your cake pops!x

  5. Oh my gosh, that Anthro dress looks SO comfy! And yes, um, can I please have that closet, like, yesterday! Great stuff here!

  6. fantastic pics.the cake pops look scrummy and i love the photo`s in the glass bottles :D

    xx coops xx

  7. oh my goosenest. what a wonderful collection.

    I love the last photograph. made me laugh out loud.


  8. Love the closet - What a lovely lot of space for crafting goodies & you can just walk along . Like the idea of those two peas too & as for the unicorn pic - a joy.
    Paula (PEP)

  9. the squirrel's nest has tons of great glass bottles and jars
    that place is a hidden treasure trove



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