What I'm...

Watching. (Philly called dibs on TV this afternoon:)

Reading. (I'm somewhere into all these...but none are finished:)

Buying. (Does Elsie ever make anything that is not 100% amazing?? Bought another of her e-courses today:)

Planning. (An all girls party for some sistaz-- sorry, I always wanted to write that just once with a "Z"-- and friends:)

Thinking. (My dreads...here is a pic...Almost done:)

Wishing. (For spring to come fast. I love to hang clothes on the line:)

And finally, Doing...(Cleaning. BOO!...Toys are taking over my living room:)

What are you doing this afternoon/evening?...Hope your having a lovely day, whatever it is!

Images via Weheartit, except where links are shown...and some are just mine:)



  1. Hiya sweetie

    Its like my house toys on the floor and kids taking over the TV but not today as we visited my hubbys parents and having a laugh at my little Jaykubs expense.....watching him crawling after the dog and because he couldn't catch him he kept shouting "hey...hey" lol.....i suppose you had to be there to see that it was funny, anyhoo we had a fabbie day! :o)
    Tomorrow we all go to my parents for a big family meal....cant wait!!
    Hope you have a fabbie Sunday :o)
    hugs and xxx

  2. This is such a delightful post. Philly has delightful taste - Tom & Jerry helped me learn English. Eclectic mix of books - mine include several Apple Manuals, a few crafting magazines, a stamp catalogue & a crime thriller! Purchases - not much as I've a Craft Show to visit next weekend - the list of items to look for which I'm planning, worked on my Sugar Bowl card, cut husband's hair & cooked dinner - very very ordinary. Hope you've had a good day.
    Paula (PEP)



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