What I'm...

Thinking...I look way better in a hat than without one. I'm not even embarrassed to say it. It's just true. I should've worn a ballcap on my wedding day. I think I might have liked myslef in the pictures more:)

Feeling...Like people are really kind. Sometimes that's easy to forget...with all the bad stuff going on out in the world. Here are just some of the orders I've received to donate money to the Red Cross. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hoping...That spring has sprung. Our daffodils have bloomed. I know that it won't stay warm like this very long-- but a girl can dream:)

Certain of...Chalk is the most fun for the dollar. Period.

Smiling at...My Papa Bear.

Wishing...you a happy weekend:):)



  1. Thanks for your sweet comments. I always love receiving comments from you. And yes you look adorable in a hat. I however do not. I love them but will never wear one. Lol.

  2. Lovely photos of you and your children, its good that they are both feeling better,

    have a great weekend,
    Hugs Bridget :0) x

  3. wow you look awesome in a hat sweetie....great photos of Niamh & Philly :o)

    Sorry i havent commented in a while but been having net problems again......arrrgghhh computers!
    hugs and xxx

  4. fabulous pics krista.you look fab in a hat, i just look like a gnome,lol :D

    xx coops xx

  5. Tremendous in that hat & I love this mixture of photos & the thoughts behind them. Internet speed desperately slow so having trouble commenting...........
    Paula (PEP)



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