20 Goals

Remember the journal I made with 20 blog goals...to be completed in 30 days? Well, thirty days are up and I thought I'd do a quick share with you...on how I fared.

Well, first things first. I didn't get all twenty completed...but, that's okay...cuz you gotta shoot high or you'll never move forward. So, 14 is my number reached. That being said, I realized that a few of my goals are better suited to warm weather...when it just looks green and flowery outside. Instead of cold and, well, colorless for the most part. So, those couple were omitted on purpose:).

I had also planned to do a fun post about our monthly date night...That should have happened, except I left the camera memory card at my desk at home. BOO!...And it took me forever to try and figure out why my camera was refusing to take any pics that night:). Duh! Oh well...another night for sure. We have lots of date nights ahead;).

So, I basically had two left that I just never got to. A music-art post is in the near future...I've wanted to do one forever...but it takes a little more planning than I expected. I might actually turn it into a monthly feature. Stay tuned:)

And, finally, I had wanted to incorporate fashion/outfit posts into my blog. Wanted to. Key words:). Honestly, it is because they are some of my favorite posts on other blogs. I love to see what other girls are wearing...how they look...how they put things together. I love it. However, doing my own fashion posts-- well, hated it. I tried it maybe twice...and I just felt silly. I've never been the modeling type...It 's just not me. I can take pics for any other reason...except for "hey everybody! look what I'm wearin'!"...And in all honesty, WHO. REALLY. CARES. what this chick is wearing?....So. That is that.

EDIT (5/31/11): I'm still playing with trying to incorporate fashion posts-- just won't be the official What I'm Wearing posts popular in blogland:). I do love a good old style/fashion post, so working on this one to make them fun and comfortable to do:)

I'm pretty happy with all the things I was able to accomplish this last month...and I'm looking forward to a spring and summer full of fun and, hopefully, inspiring posts! I appreciate all the comments left each day...love reading through them, getting to know wonderful women from all over the world...I'm so thankful you girls come back each day...that you find my little place here in cyber world a stop worth making. So, thanks<3.

xo, Krista


  1. Hi Krista,
    20 blog goals in 30 days! You are very brave and I am sure we have all enjoyed the adventure along the way. I love that you gave it all a try and we can see your blog growing and changing.
    Just keep abreast of what fashion is doing and tell us what you find interesting to you.
    It is great that you are not a follower but take a chance on something out of the norm.
    We who feel we have seen and mostly TRIED to do it all fashion wise know that with age this can
    be a hurdle or a high jump. Dressing your age?!
    But I still need to know what is going on fashion wise. Some things never change!
    Anyway you fit a lot into the days with a great
    deal of fun and uniqueness.
    Thanks for sharing the moments,
    <3 Sue

  2. well done hon :0)..i love hopping by your blog as it's alway's fun and interesting and very inspiring..i love the pictures you add of what your liking so keep up the good work..lol

    Debs x

  3. Well - you can never predict what you will learn when you set out on such an adventure. I'm glad you're not continuing with something that you turned out hating - you have to be comfortable with the posts you make - I discovered that. Thank you for giving so much with your blog - you often make me think & you encourage me no end.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)



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