aKwaRd & aWEsoME Thursday!

The past two weeks have flown by...here are the awkward and awesome parts that I can remember...


NYC girl’s trip. All 6 of us super-duper hungry. Finding a cute little café/restaurant in Soho. None of us realizing that this is a totally organic restaurant until after we had ordered drinks. (None of us eat organic.) So we all rave about how good the food is…for 15 minutes…while we push it around on our platters. Sister gags. Other sister puts fork down and says, “This sucks. Who wants to go get some greasy food?” Six adult women sit and truly contemplate the consequences of leaving our food and running for the door.

Ordering breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts with the girls. Mine was a coffee. Skim milk and ten splenda (yes, 10). Oh, and my diet coke. Yeah, they all thought I was a weirdo, too. It’s just my thing. Coffee and a diet soda for breakfast. Healthy.

Wrapping up an organic pickle in a napkin. Saving it for Phil. Just so my mom and sisters could see his face. (It tasted like pine needles. Honest to goodness, it was like chewing on a Christmas tree.) All of us just standing around, giggling, watching him down a pickle. It was quite a thrill. (And Phil loves to be the center of attention when it comes to my mom and sisters, so he really turned up the acting notch)…Oh, and my purse smelled like a stinky pickle for 24 hours. Yummy.

Sleeping on dreadlocks. It is like laying down in a heap of cornhusks. Takes a little getting use to.

Watching Niamhy sing with her class on stage at school. And-- hello-- starting to cry. No other parents seem to be feeling the same amount of emotion listening to the kids sing about Noah’s ark. But there is my baby girl. Smallest in her class. Big pink bows. My angel. WHAHHHHHhhhhhh!! And to top it all off, I was sitting next to my mom who was also crying. We gotta pull it together next time mom!

Running up basement steps (skipping a stair) to see how fast I can do it. Tripping over my own feet at the top and falling across the hallway into bathroom. (Sounded a little like a freight train). Walking out of the bathroom, glancing at Phil, and getting the same look I got once from my dad (when I lost the car keys and he told me “ you have the brain of a squirrel“). Yup, that was a squirrel brain moment.


Philly getting into truck. Door catches a little wind and swings shut on his head. Comes into house crying. Mama freaks out. Dad says stop freaking out. Dad asks , What’s your name?” Philly answers (with a little smile), “Philly.” Dad asks, “What’s my name?” Philly (with a chuckle), “Phil.” Dad asks, “What’s her name?” (pointing to me). Philly looks at me. Smiles, thinking on this one. “Mama Smith.” I burst out laughing, relieved, and feeling very much like a syrup bottle. Or an old granny. But, I kinda like the ring to it. “Mama Smith.” Yeah, I can pull that off;)

Greasy NYC pizza. Especially after garbanzo beans on avacodo mush over soggy toast.

Watching a Sponge Bob episode with Philly at lunch. Rewinding the same part maybe a dozen times. Both of us laughing just as hard every time. It was that funny. Sponge Bob rocks.

Baby smiles. My nephew Jake is almost 5 months. And he is giving out smiles and gooey kisses like no body’s business. I’m in love.

My mom’s laugh. We all call it the “horse laugh.” She doesn’t make any cracking up noises…it’s just air…I can’t explain it. But I love it. Even if you aren’t laughing at whatever is funny to her, you will laugh with her once she starts. It’s rather infectious.

Easter egg hunt at church. Niamh’s class looked for their eggs in the Sanctuary (it rained that day). I later overheard her telling Philly, “ We looked for our eggs in the cemetery.” Hehehe.


If you'd like to share some awkward and awesome moments, head over to the DayBook to check it out and leave your link!

PS...Not trying to step on any organic toes!...I know those of you who eat that way are very healthy and happy, too:)...My taste buds were just not use to it...



  1. Awkward - I had to see which of the above were awkward & which were awesome.
    Awesome - My elderly friend showing me the toad in her pond, pulling the overhanging leaves away & seeing him duck under the surface of the water. He's as big as my hand.
    Thanks for another brilliant post.
    Paula (PEP)



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