awKward & AwesomE Thurs.

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The Easter Bunny visits at the mall. Okay...Philly is obsessed with characters. (I mean, he basically stalks them...I think he's on their black list. I've even seen one turn and run.) Anyways, he loves the Easter Bunny. We saw him at the mall this week and he had to go hop up on the bunny's lap. The problem is, the bunny does not talk. We both kept saying things, and all we were getting is a thumbs up. Thumbs up. Thumbs up. (Annoying, huh!) It was one of the most awkward conversations I've ever had. And I think I saw the glaring eye of an annoyed person inside the costume giving me the " hello lady-- I DON'T TALK SO STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!" look.

The amount of cake/pie I ate at the beach last week. It's not really my fault. Everyone could have helped me out just a little and ate some more of it themselves. But NOOOoooooo....leave it all to Krista and her thighs. I am pretty sure I ate a whole cheesecake myself. I actually started to feel embarrassed every time I opened the cake box. By the end of the week, I was eating it after everyone went to bed. To avoid the 'Really?' glances.

Trying to get my big, extremely heavy dog to stand on the scale at the kennel. She is just the sweetest at home...but apparently, we are the only people she likes in the whole world. She becomes a stubborn, growling meany in the real world:) and refuses to take those two steps onto the scale. Picture girl lifting 80+ pound dog onto scale. In unflattering leggings. With a laughing worker next to her. Yeah, real funny.

Philadelphia traffic. To a NY fan. Trying to get to a basketball game that started 10 minutes ago. Phil and I went to a Knicks-76ers game last night. We left with extra time to spare, but it wasn't enough-- not when there is also a Phillies game across the street. Okay- so that part is our fault (should have checked). It was the worst traffic jam I've ever seen. Literally, people cutting from right lanes across traffic to make a left turn. Blocking everyone. People almost hitting our truck. Phil was, mmmm, let's say annoyed. I can't imagine our faces were very pleasant looking to the Philadelphia fans driving by, cutting us off...and smiling at the unhappy NY fans. I just have one word for the Philly fans...


Niamh bathing suit shopping. Auntie Jen:) said she could pick out her summer suit this week while we were at the mall. And she had to try them on. Do you want to know how the child decides if she likes how it fits?...She booty pops in the mirror. OH MY GOSH!...It was the funniest thing ever. She just started dancing every time she put one on. It was hysterical. And pretty amazing, too. Where did the days go when a girl could just put on a suit and shake her booty and feel good about the world?:)...I am going to shop for my suit this year with the mentality of a 7 year old I think. Oh, and some booty shakin'!

Knicks winning the basketball game. And feeling kinda, well, proud to be walking through all the cranky Philly fans with a smile on our faces.

Philip playing with Philly for hours each day he has off. They are officially best buds:). Makes a Mama happy:).

Cooking stuffed shells and having them come out...well, pretty awesome, actually:)!! I know, I couldn't believe it either, but I made something that looked and tasted good. It is possible!

And, last but not least, feeling good as a parent:). Our parenting philosophy, whether perfect or not, has always been don't sweat the small stuff...no overload on rules or strictness...and make sure your kids know where you stand on the important things in life. With no wavering. And it's nice to see that they get it. When they make a choice to put others first. Or, apologize on their own. Or not do something because they know it is wrong. Had a few of those moments this week...and, although we are definitely not perfect parents, I know we are doing something right.

Thanks for checking in:)...Any awkward or awesome in your week??...Leave a comment, or better yet, visit Sydney and leave a link to your own A&A post!



  1. Your hair is FABULOUS girl!!! Totally love it. And I totally get the cheesecake thing - I usually wait till the family is in bed too, pretending to be a "good" girl lol. As for booty shaking while trying on a swim suit - hey, they'd sue me for creating a minor quake hehe.
    I am pretty sure I saw that character run past here the other day lol - in the UK we have the great London race. Lots of professionals and millions of ordinary people dressed in various character suits. You should send your son here lol.
    Thank you for keeping me inspired and laughing.

    Hugs, Mette

  2. oh don't talk to me about cheesecake - you'd've had a fight on your hands if I was there.

    These fantastic insights into your life are like chicken soup for my inherently nosey nature :)

    Just posted Vee and my swap cards - hers is fan-tab-ulous

  3. Love this post! Your new hair is AMAZING! My addiction is cereal at night. I went for a second bowl, and my husband said “wow, going for 2?” How dare he! Lol

    xo Julie

  4. Your hair looks fab and what a fab insight into your life and world too, thanks for sharing.

  5. Uh oh - sounds like you have a hard time with the dog......Love the photo with you sitting pixie-like on the tree stump.
    Paula (PEP)



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