Face It.

I love to watch people. Outfits, posture, body proportions...the way a person walks, a hairstyle, a quirky tilt of the head...It's why I draw characters instead of landscapes. Or buildings. Or even animals. I just think people are splendid works of art:)...

And faces. I love dimples...big eyes...small eyes...eyelashes (I have neither dark nor long ones...so I mostly feel envy towards pretty eyelashes). I love pouty lips. And thin strong lips, too. I even like wrinkles sometimes (haven't felt that way about the ones forming in my mirror...but maybe someday?:) Faces are worlds of their own. Perfect and imperfect in every way.

I am working tonight. Drawing. And looking through some pretty faces I've noted throughout the day today, as I drew inspiration for tonight's artwork. I like them all for different reasons. Some grew on me. Some I loved instantly. All inspiring:)

Off to draw some faces, feeling very creative...Thank you beautiful girls:)

Images via weheartit and pinterest.



  1. all these women are so beautiful! Wow! I feel inspired just looking at them! I can't wait to see how your drawings come out!

  2. The one before last has eyes like that National G.'s Afghan Girl.

  3. Aren't these young ladies stunning. Love their facial expressions and looking forward to seeing your work.
    I know you love "quirky" clothes on your sassy girls so I would like to recommend a book I have by Shoichi Aoki called "Fruits". He photographs young japanese in weird and wonderful clothes. Not sure if you know it.
    Hugs, Mette

  4. do you know, it's really interesting to find out about your creative process - I just assumed that you pulled everything from your imagination, but it's fascinating to see how you get your inspiration for expressions etc.
    I so need to get back into drawing again, it's been wayyyyyy too long

  5. They are beautiful! As for those dimples you love, it's probably only because you don't have them, lol. Although, mine are rare, I have what my mom likes to refer to as Shirley Temple dimples(they sit below the corners of my mouth). They are way cute on little kids, but grown-ups, I'm not sold on. These dang dimples together with my freckles seem to keep me forever looking like a child. Anyway, sorry about the rambling, can't wait to see what you create with this inspiration!

  6. Your thoughts on faces made me smile. I've been doing a lot of face drawing lately, I find it so much more interesting than ANYTHING else to draw =) x

  7. The first one catches my imagination - I keep coming back to it & looking at the way the light falls on her plaits. Thanks for sharing about your creative process too - I find things you've written either here or when commenting come to me at moments when I'm doing something else & discover that I'm thinking about creativity.
    Thanks is not enough for the dynamism of the interaction there is with you.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)



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