Let's Do Hair and Have a Chat:)

I love getting the kids ready for church on Easter morning. I bought Niamhy a really pretty pink dress from Target (from the new line of clothes put out by "Teddy Duncan" on Good Luck Charlie...Yes, my life somehow always comes full circle back to the Disney channel:)...I was as excited as Niamh to find Teddy Duncan clothes)...Anyways, I practiced on her hair this morning for church.

I think a nice braid with big pink bows will be the perfect touch to her Easter dress. I thought about doing a floppy Easter hat, but I like the braid idea better. My mom made us three girls wear Easter hats every year...I remember loving to put that big brimmed hat up on my head-- and then, by the middle of the sermon, looking so forward to ripping it off at home. I must have had the same Easter hat from ages 7 to 17 (yes...I wore it that long. That is daughterly devotion:). So, I can't seem to bring myself to make Niamh wear one...not after all that pain:)...

Here is a quick, easy way to get your little girl's hair looking special for Easter-- or really any day...I love this hair style. Very simple and girly.

First, pull away a section of hair from one side of her head. I usually side part Niamh's hair for this...

Work your french braid around her head...moving down around the nape of the neck. The sections I pull and add into the braid are neither parted nicely nor smoothed out...It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful:)...It's one of those styles that looks even better with some fly-aways and bumps:). Don't fret:)

Finish the braid, moving up around the other side of her head and braiding it all the way out.

Put a little elastic band in to secure your finished braid. See, I have some bumps going on in her hair...It still looks pretty, though:)

Pull the braid up and around the top of her head. Secure it on the side with some pretty clips. I used two. And tucked the ends of her braid down into the french braid around her head. Oh, and this is the face I got after I finished:). I snagged her hair good and hard by accident during the process of braiding. She wasn't too happy with me-- until...

I happened to mention the name of a particular boy in her class:). Hehehe. Mama always gets her smile. Always;)...So, that is my Easter braid. It's worth a try...if for nothing else, just to get the girl's hair out of her eyes!...Hope you give it a try, too!

...and now for a little chat:)...Today the Simply Sassy blog is having a hop for the new release of my stamp designs:). This is my favorite release, yet...I was so happy when Karen from Sugar Nellie picked these ones out:). The Butterflies and Dimples girl I specifically drew with you stamping girls in mind. And I was able to turn the nerd in my Etsy store with the side pony tail into a full-body character. (That was Karen's idea...turned out pretty cute!) My favorite is the Rapunzel girl. I've been hoping to send her over to the HOS for a while...so, I'm thrilled she is finally a stamp:)...I look so forward to seeing how other creative girls color her up!...would love to see her with dark hair:). Or even rainbow hair!...Oh, and the balloon girl-- some of you specifically asked for her:). You have been heard!:):)

If you want to check out the new release, start here. It's a fun little trip to make!

Thanks for stopping in..I am hoping (fingers crossed) to do a music post tomorrow...Kind of a music-inspiration post, I guess. I am tone deaf and can't play a note-- but I love good music:)...and spend a lot of time listening to tunes. It is definitely one of my greatest sources of inspiration for my artwork...So, picked my most-played song this week on the ipod...and will post the newly inspired artwork tomorrow. *Hopefully*:)

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon...



  1. she looked so adorable today!
    but i didn't get a chance to tell her hi

  2. You are so lucky to have a daughter who likes her hair done. Mine absolutely refuses any type of hair care apart from a pony-tail at school )head-mistress's rule). Phoebe as gorgeous tick hair and she looks lovely with her hair done but NO!!!
    Your daughter looks so cute and she's a little beauty :)
    Your new release is fabulous and A few of them will definately find a new home here with me hehe.
    Enjoy your day, Mette

  3. I think this is my fave release too! (but then I might always say that) Looooooooooove coloring your drawings!!

  4. Hi Krista, thanks for the braiding tips - Willow's not a big fan of me faffing too much with her hair but I'll see if I can persuade her to let me give this a try, but Faith's hair is way too fine to try this unless it was soaking wet. Aww look at wee Naimhy's sad face, but good thinking and that cute, cheeky wee impish grin was worth it.

    The new release of Sassy's is fabulous and of course the 6 naughty wee lassies jumped into my basket at Funkykits so they should hopefully arrive tomorrow, can't wait to ink them up :)



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