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Our week at the beach is ending with cold, windy, rainy weather...but it's okay...I kind of like to see the ocean looking a little mad and seeing the beach town somewhat deserted. It's very different than the busy summer days we spend there when the beach is hot and filled with umbrellas and blankets.

I'm at home waiting for Niamh to finish up her school day (that's what we've been doing this week, so she doesn't miss school)...and don't have my camera with me to post any pics...but we've been having a really nice time. We've been hiking on the sand dune trails by the house. I took Niamh out the other day...walked and walked...and then told her to find her way home:) I only helped her once. She did pretty good!! It was a fun adventure...and we pretended to be running from hungry vampires...so we giggled the whole way:)

Today my sister is going to try and put my dreads in:)...Little nervous, but my feeling with hair is always-- just try it. :)

Today through Sunday there is a blog hop going on at the Simply Sassy blog. If you like to color...be sure to check out the stamps of my girls-- you can add your own creativity...give them whatever color hair/eyes/clothes you want!...It's really fun to see them colored by other people...always inspiring:) The blog also offers tutorials on fun, creative projects like this one...Isn't it the cutest??!

You can check her out here as well...

I'm excited for a new month...Still working on my 20 in 30 (check the post out here)...I have some fun things planned to share with you (hopefully one will be a coloring book!...it's lots more work than I thought:), will get to that party-how-to (that got scrapped when kiddies were ill for almost three weeks), and maybe a fun giveaway;). I will be back on Sunday with some vaca pics, maybe a new head of hair to show, and some treats I received during the cardswap (I lurv you stamping ladies...smooch!)...

Thanks for checking in...Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh - lve her dreads, they are just fabulouso. Your right - just try it. Mine has just gone super
    short and white hehe.
    The Sassy hop is great - so much talent in one spot makes you swoon. Just got Stardust myself - she's a dream to colour. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    Hugs, Mette

  2. I am dying to see these dreads in situ Krista, they are going to be sooooooooooooo cool
    Have been on the Sassy hop already, and you're right it is so inspiring to see how others colour the various stamps.

  3. ooooo- LOVE the dreads, love them! Hope yours turn out half as fabulous :)

  4. this sassy dreadlock image is gorgeous!!! Just seen your photos too - wowee, looks fantastic!!

  5. Love the drawing with the dreads - now she looks such a character but so demure & pretty - I cannot put my finger on why I like her so much.
    Paula (PEP)



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