May on the Way:)

I love the month of May. It's not my favorite (I think that has to be June or July...I like it 95 degrees and wretchedly hot:)...But May is one fo my favorite times of year.

When I was growing up, we were neighbors to a big Christmas tree field. Each May, there would be one morning when a big yellow spray plane flew over the field, drenching all the bugs in some sort of bug spray. All four of us kids, in the midst of getting ready for school, would run whooping and hollering out of the house to watch the plane dip towards the treetops...and almost hit the branches of our own big trees. It was the yearly event that signaled summer was just around the corner. Definitely the best morning of the school year:).

I still can't shake the excited feeling of waking up in May and hearing those old propellers start winding up (it's a funny coincidence, but I now live across the street from the yellow spray plane's airstrip)...Makes me feel quite like a kid again:)

I'm looking so forward to next month. Warm mornings, flip-flops, and evening ice cream stand visits...all the things that seem so distant during the snowy months are finally here! Yippee! I also have some fun things planned for my blog...including a week of Mother's Day posts:) Should be a fun time!

Oh, and before I say good-bye...Here is a little peek of some sitting artwork:)...This would be my design inspired by #5 from here. I will be sending three new designs for Karen to choose from in just a bit-- they are all really cute-- thanks again for your help:) You make a girl's drawing job that much easier!



  1. I love May too - not too hot but often some lovely balmy days lie those we are having here in the UK at present. I like the look of those socks for colouring - creating depth in the wrinkles; lots of practise & fun plus the bows have a lot of scope. Have a good May Bank Holiday.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. I love May ... its my birthday month LOL!!!! Those legs look fab, and I want shoes like her's ... love those bows.
    Cathy xx

  3. I love May too but then again I love every month of the year - each have their charm and wonders.
    Hm - liking your sneak peek very muchly - wish my back would allow shoes like that hehe.
    Today is the roayl wedding here in the UK - time for me to colour a few Sassies.
    Hugs, Mette

  4. Oooo, I am intrigued!!! Can't wait to see more, I'm sure they are all fantastic!!

  5. woww can't wait to see more of your drawing!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs tiets

  6. I love May too, it's my Birthday month,not that I get much these days, lol. I am also intrigued. I have just received set 7, some very different styles, but love them. Already got idea's going round my head. Enjoy the weekend.

    Hugs Tracy x

  7. so strange! ive been looking forward to may... only thing is i have no reason to. its just something about the month that i love.
    Your blog is awesome and i love your art! so talented! so happy when i find blogs like yours!



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