Momiji April Giveaway!...EEK, so Cute!

Meet "Alex".

Isn't she such a cute little bookworm!...I think she'd be the kind of girl who could recite Jane Austin paragraphs word for word and not miss a beat on telling you the background story of every Twilight character. Kind of a Jack of All Trades...literary speaking, that is:). Are you an Alex kinda girl?...OR...

A "Poppet". She loves summer and fruit and playing outside. Always on the go...kind of quirky. And very, very sweet. Except for when she spits her seeds. Haha. Check out some of her friends below...

This is "Pixie". She loves to bake. And loves to eat what she bakes. Everything in life is sugar coated for her...and all her desserts come with a cherry on top:)

Are you more of a dancer?...Well, this is "Little Dancer." She is graceful and lovely. Very girly-girl (note: pink hair) and just the prettiest girl around!

I tend to be a little more on the tomboy side. I like a little bit of grunge:) and some old ripped-up jeans. I can't dance in front of anyone (literally, every groovy tendency in my body freezes and I become a rhythm-challenged site of awkwardness)...But I do love to listen to music...Kind of just gets in your soul and changes the way you feel about the day. So, meet "Soul." Isn't she the cutest! This would be my pick...but I'm not playing-- hopefully you will, though!:)

One lucky FOLLOWER will receive a momiji doll. Leave a comment telling me which girl you'd be if you were one of these cuties. Alex, Poppet, Pixie, Little Dancer, or Soul. Oh, and that's not all:)...

After creating a print for my shop to help donate money to the American Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan (Thanks Etsy buyers!...you helped me donate over $100.00 dollars for the week I had it listed!), I became a little fixated on the whole Japanese-inspired art/doll scene. Haven't been able to shake it since:). I'm especially loving the Kokeshi dolls. I'm working on a mini series of prints for my shop. The first is New Beginnings. The winner will also receive a 5 x 7 signed print.

So, here is what you need to do to enter--

1. Must be a follower.
2. Must leave a comment and tell me which girl defines you most:)
3. Deadline to enter Sunday 11:59pm.

Winner will receive a random Momiji message doll (yes, you can stick a little paper message into the base!...sweet, huh!) and a New Beginnings 5 x 7 signed print. (I will do my best to get the winner's choice in doll; if out of stock, a new one will be substituted).

Good luck!....



  1. Oooo I think Little Dancer is my fave.....love dancing about the house when no-one is around!!lol

    LOVE the kokeshi dolls...I found some print and colour ones ages ago and printed them all out for Jude to colour in!

  2. Oh my Heavens!!! WOW!! I think I would be the cute little bookworm.. One of my favorite things to do it read with my kids.. Ages 10 and 2.. :) I just love kokeshi dolls.. I have never had the chance to get one though..

    What a treat, to receive anything made by you would totally be a TREAT!! So crossing my fingers, toes, and EYEs that the random.org gods smile down on me.. :)
    I am a follower, love your designs.. thanks so much for the chance to win.. HUGS

  3. HOW CUTE ARE THESE!!?? I'm a mix between Poppet and Soul. It just depends on my mood. Lately its been more Poppet though I feel. :)

  4. Oooooooooo these are so cute and I LOOOOOOOVE your drawing, well whom of these are me?? Can I pick two? I'm very pink but I love cakes!! But If I nned to choose one it will have to be "Pixie"

    Hope you have a Sassy weekend!!

  5. These are fabulous krista. I would have to say Dancer - I have always loved to dance (was in a team in my teens and performed nationwide in stadiums competing against other schools) and me and Phoebe (she's 5) are always dancing around the house. Just can't stop lol.
    And well done on amount raised for Japan - heard yesterday they had had another quake. Maybe one day you might make a few oriental girls into stamps - Oh, would love that.
    You are not only a talented and super fun person - you are generous too. Thank you

    Hugs, Mette

  6. Oh i am definitly poppet. I am a seed spitter for sure, lol. Though i like little dancer more. Ha ha i guess its always like a girl to want something someone else has or look the way someone else does. Oh well. I will try and be happy with the poppet i am. Lol. I just love the drawing krista. Cant wait to see the whole series.

  7. ohhh i really like alex, the bookworm!

  8. Ooh - I was thinking Poppet, but now I'm thinking Pixie, yeah Pixie it is. I do like a bit of baking. And I love the print. Have been admiring a few and working up to buying some (when I can narrow it down).
    Hugz Andrea.xx

  9. I love the print you've made - funnily enough my first stamped cards/ATCs were with Oriental Ladies. I think my favourite of the dolls is the last one - she looks sort of Oriental too.
    Hopefully our phone wires have now been repaired so I'll be back to my usual commenting. It's been a strange few weeks. That's brilliant about the Japan funds too - so good.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Such a beautiful print and these dolls are the CUTEST!!! I'm definitely Pixie cos I like nothing more than making myself a galaxy chocolate cheesecake (amongst other things!!) After having radiotherapy, I lost a great deal of weight and still have trouble eating 4 years later and although I've got a tube fitted in my stomach so that my main source of nutrition can got through that, one thing I've found I can eat quite easily (and enjoy alot!!) is lots of sweet things - like cheesecake and toffee cake and my current crunchie biscuit obssession LOL!!!
    And like Pixie, everything's coated in sugar as in, I always try to be happy cos having a positive attitude can go a long way in life!!
    Hugs, Marie xxx

  11. Oooh so hard to choose just one....ummm...it would have to be 'Little Dancer', with a close second going to 'Alex' the little bookworm...hehe! Wow these are just gorgeous!

    Congrats on raising money for the Japan Earthquake! And your Picture is sooo cute, Love it!

  12. Hi sweetie so sorry I've not been over for a few days I'm on playing catch up with everyone tonight. This print is sooooo beautiful I love the softness of it its just sooo pretty. Excellent how much you raised hun & well done its such a worthwhile cause & its lovely everyone is doing something to help them....every little bit helps them.
    Loving these dolls they are all sooooo cute. Now I am rather a tom-boy I love football & I love cars & know a lot about them I dont go for car colours but rather bhp & torque lol. However the dancing one would suit me the most as I love to dance & I will dance anywhere & at anytime no matter where I am or who is watching. Its the one time that makes me feel so free yet so alive, its about living for each moment & making that moment count. I will even dance in shops my eldest son gets sooooo embarassed lol. I picked my oyungest up from school today & we were dancing on the way home we got strange looks as the car I drive is a convertible & we had the roof down lol. I was happy & smiling & so was my son.....to me them are the moments that last forever...
    WOW I 'm soooo sorry I've droaned on hun. Hope you have a good weekend & I hope it stops raining for you sweetie.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  13. I love Poppet! She looks so ready for summer!! :) Super cute!

  14. Oh my, I can find myself in any of these dolls, but Soul would define me most. I think music feeds you, brings you up when you are down, lets you stay down if that is what you want, it can be anything to you that you want at all. I love the look of Pixie too, the cupcake is too cute. I loved the prints I purchased from you so far and am finding it to be sort of an addiction. My neice is recently getting the Hippie chick print and my Japanese girl with the cherry blossom tree has been passed around at work with your business card as well. Thank you for the opportunity to win, love your blog, and thank you for all you do! Love the dreads!

  15. Hi Krista, well always was a tomboy and love messing about outside too and actually told my son yesturday that I think I actually like fruit more than chocolate which I could easily take or leave so I guess I would be a mix of Poppet and soul both sound like they like outdoor fun and I love the sunny days we arew having atthe mo.

  16. oh wow love all of these!!!! think alex is exactly like me but poppet is cute too! congrats on the fab amount of money raised for japan.

  17. Hi Krista!! The first doll is SO me! Red hair? Glasses? Twilight? :D SO CUTE! Ive been eyeing these dolls forever! That is SO wonderful how you donated to Japan <3

    xo Julie

  18. oooh I would be Pixie cos I love to bake, yummy!

  19. These are really really cute!
    I would definitely be Alex the bookworm :)
    I like your drawing even more than the dolls.
    Bye, Kitty

  20. I'm a mix of each of them, but probably wear my "Soul" on the outside most. Love these!

  21. I am definitely a POPPET - can't sit still,always got to be "doing" this and that. The beach is my favourite place to be just enjoying the "fruits" of life... My message would be "Life's to short to let seeds get in your teeth". Just love these dolls.
    Congrats on your money raising efforts and everyone who contributed.
    Vee xxx

  22. Oh wow! Loving these! I have to say I am a bit of a mix of Alex and Soul. My outside is more Alex and my inside it more Soul. Considering my name and the names of the dolls, it is strangely fitting, lol!

    BTW- haven't told you yet, but LOVE the dreads. You were them PERFECTLY! Gorgeous girl!



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