Monster Bunny. (in our yard)

It's kind of ironic, this bunny drama happening right around Easter...but the kids are loving it:). On Saturday, we discovered a huge rabbit (hence, the name 'monster bunny') hanging out under our porch. He is huge. And gray. And I'm pretty certain he is not a wild rabbit.

He is pretty comfortable close to humans...however, he doesn't want you touching him. Or catching him in big containers. (Yes, we already tried that.) I thought about calling the animal people to come get him...but I don't know what would happen to him then...and he seems very happy just hopping around our yard.

I'm not much of a bunny person...We had them when I was younger and the "dwarf" bunnies grew to be the size of small dogs...(that's what you get when you buy "dwarf" bunnies from a feed store and not a petshop)...Anyways, they were very scary. And bucked their huge feet at you like crazy. So, that kind of ruined the idea of sweet pet rabbits for me...but it's kind of fun watching from a distance. Monster Bunny is our new distraction:). Philly left asparagus out for him this morning. And we have a rabbit trap set (I know that fact that we have a rabbit trap on hand leaves you with the impression that our necks, well, have a slight tint of red to them;)...And, if we catch this big sucker, we'll find him a nice home. In a rabbit hutch. Where he probably belongs...but cleverly escaped from:).

Meanwhile...I just have to be careful that the monster doesn't meet our beast:)...

That might end badly. For the beast, I mean:)...Yes, the bunny is that big:)!!



  1. OOoooo I have seen those giant bunnies in the petshops over here...they are HUGE...he does look like a pet tho...somebody somewhere must be missing him.....maybe some signs up somewhere might help locate his owners??!!
    I bet the kids are loving it though....he does look nice and cuddly...shame he doesn't want to be touched!
    I'll stick to our wee guinea pigs tho thanks!lol

  2. He is BIG... probably escaped from somewhere using his strength to bend bars,tear down wood etc lol. Hope he finds a nice home/or his home. Great excitment for your kiddies though. Don't be scared Krista, he's only a bunny even though he's a MONSTER!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awww hes so cute but yes big and does look like he needs to be pent up somewhere. Good thing hes not here because my son would have probably taken out his pellet gun. Lol. Yes a little redneck here too.

  4. We had the same problem with our "dwarf" pet bunnies growing so big! Good luck finding this bunnies home!

  5. Aaawww I'll come cuddle him :)
    If you keep your dog away.. :-o

  6. He looks rather big - he might decide to stay with being fed asparagus.........he doesn't look wild to me either.
    All the best with this little (!) precament.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. wow, that is one enormous bunny!!
    not a fan of bunnies either after being bitten by one as a child.
    good luck catching it :D

    xx coops xx

  8. wooo, he is one big ole' bunny!! Doesn't look wild to me either, but he does look very soft and cuddly, so don't be too scared. Let's hope you can catch him so he can go somewhere safe. Keep us updated on the bunny drama!! Hugs, Marie xx

  9. Hi Krista,
    Bunnys on the loose?! Can only mean one thing, Easter is on its way. This is the second report of rabbits visiting this week?
    Wanted to share this fashion blog with you that has some special pics although today it is wedding mad but pop back to 1st April and check out the summer fun fashion. It did make me think of you!

  10. Truely a monster bunny, and sounds fun keeping your dog and it apart.
    Thanks for your lovely and kind comments and wishes for my son, he did really well and is home and so far so good, now just got to keep his dressings clean dry and intact for 10 days, thank heavens he is on school holidays, but can see it is soon going to drive him nuts as the bandages are already making him itch.

  11. He certainly is a monster bunny, I think I would be worried about the dog being attacked by Thumper...
    I really like your hair it suits you.

    I hope your son makes a speedy recovery,
    have a lovely week,
    Hugs Bridget :0) x

  12. Aww bless he looks so happy and so cute, you could catch him and send him to us, i would like to see someone try to pinch him from the garden ;0) hugs pops x



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