There is something about a nerd that makes my heart skip a beat. Here's the scoop. I love muscles...and tattoos. And I like my guy in a backwards ballcap. Looking all tough and mean;)...But I really like when Phil is sitting at the kitchen table at night reading a 1000 page novel. Or an informative book on the Bible. Or a history book on the Civil War. Now, that my friends is sexy:) Especially when he pulls out the reading glasses.

muscles + nerd glasses = dream guy^2

Anyways, I've been kinda stuck on the whole idea of nerdiness lately...So, what is a nerd exactly? Well, when you look up the word in the dictionary here is what it reads...

nerd: \'nerd\ n
1 a person who is socially awkward,
2 a person who is extremely devoted to study and learning

Well, do I fit the bill?...I have been called "socially awkward" (literally, a boy in college said it to my face. Rude. I seriously considered pounding him into the ground. He was at least 4 inches shorter than me.) And I do really love to learn. I loved sitting in class in college. I was obsessed with homework in high school. Even now, I think about going back to school...maybe just cause I love it so much. By the end of my semesters, my notebooks weighed the same as a 9 year old kid. (Thank you notebooks for sculpted arms;)

So, here are some images I really think are awesome. In a totally geek-i-fied way;) And check out my new nerd artwork...It's my favorite girl in glasses so far:)

Totally crazy awesome, right?....So, if you could go back in time and study something...you know, that secret thing you were always interested in...what would it be?...Better yet, pick up a book about it at the bookstore and go to town. Learning keeps your brain moving fast:)...So, go ahead and study something new! Mine would be wave harmonics...or rouge ocean waves. Something along those lines. I am fascinated by water in general. Weird, I know. And I can't even swim.

Oh, and new artwork...

hahaha...Have a great day:)

images via weheartit, except mine:)



  1. lol, oh she is definitely smokin' hot alright! loving it! And I can totally relate to the they're/there/their/you're/your/to/too/two - I'm so pedantic about grammar and spelling lol
    hmm what would I study? I quite fancy forensics, which is strange because I have no interest in watching any of the CSI series'
    Just received my new set of Sassy's and have stamped them out for myself, ready to colour - then Willow and Faith dedmanded that I stamp them all out for them too :)so it looks like a girly colouring fefst tonight.
    take care

  2. I LOVE the new nerd girl!!! Another one that must be made into rubba!! I identify with the nerd thang cos I'd say I've got a nerdy side myself - 1. I wear glasses - they're not necessarily nerdy but I'm still speccy four eyes all the same!!
    2. when we used to go away on our girly holidays my friends all used to take the pee out of me cos along with my chick lit and my Jackie Collins, I would always insist on buying (and reading!) one of the classics: Austen, Bronte, Dickens, ya know.
    Nerds Unite!! Hugs, Marie xx

  3. Debz:)....Cannot wait to see how you color up the new images!!...Looking *very* forward to it:)

    Marie...I totally understand the classic lit thing!...I read The Grapes of Wrath my first summer out of high school:)...Just missed the literature classes:)


  4. oooooh..i love it!!....and i'm very much a nerd at heart :0)..i didnt wear glasses until i was 17 but i was stuck with my ginger hair and freckles and i love all the classics - i was only 7 when i first read Little Women ... and if i went back to school it would defo be for a nerdy computer course because i am a serious technophobe!!

    Debs x

  5. Love it!
    I would like to go back and study algebra...weird I know...but the reason is....I was useless at it most of the way through school as I just didn't get it, then in my last year I tried again and had a brilliant teacher who explained it so well and it was like a lightbulb going on in my head and I loved it!
    LOVE the new nerd!!

  6. Well lately i have had to start wearing those little cheaters i call them that you find in the dollar bins and i felt kind of nerdy in them but i believe you have brought new meaning to the word so now i will wear them proudly. Lol. I love your new nerd girl ordered her on sunday along with the butterfly girl and the witch. Cant wait to receive them. So what would i study if i had more time? Probably the history of old homes. I just love that show if walls could talk on hgtv. Very interesting.

  7. Love it, lol i have a nerd whom i love so so very much, met him at school all awkward and nerdy and still together 22 years later, I married my nerd too, he is my whole world and i so agree with you on this Husg Pops x x x

  8. oh wow, your image is fantastic krista.just love her wild hair :D
    i think i must be a nerd too, i am very awkward at social occasions, you normally find me up the corner trying to blend in to the background and i love to read.
    if i could go back to school, it would be for history.the past fascinates me :D

    xx coops xx

  9. I look forward to your posts each day! I've done a lot of blog hopping and yours is the one that is the most fun and interesting (I think you should be a writer- if you aren't already!)and I commented before that I am totally IN LOVE with your girls!! Can you give us a hint about when your coloring book will be coming out?? I've been waiting patiently (ya, right) for news on that! And I hope to see more of your fairies! I am a fairy lover so those are my absolute favorite!
    xo Christine

  10. I'd not heard of nerds before Sugar Nellie introduced me to your artwork. I married one with a passion for Ancient Greek & Homer, Milton & poetry, the Autorized Version of the Bible & reads Black Letter script. What would I study - graphics & design I think, am trying to learn as much as possible now but am rather dyslexic with concepts/patterns/ideas; but they matter to me & I long to "understand" colour/ing.
    Very taken by your nerds.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. LOL- love your new nerd!!!! Fabulous.



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