Returning Home...

Beach week has ended. (Boo!) But, it feels warm out...and my yard is filled with yellow flowers and bushes-- so it really isn't too bad coming home:) I would, however, move there in a heartbeat...trade our house for a little--even tiny-- beach cottage...and listen to waves through an open window each night...hmmm...lovely thoughts:)

This was the house behind ours...on the alley street. I think it has a funky, maybe dilapidated charm...:)...

We spent our last day strolling on the boardwalk. Philly picked out a wooden shot gun (we have a lot of hunters in this family...so it's in his genes:) We went on another walk down the trails. Found a spider. Niamh freaked out because she didn't realize spiders lived at the beach, too...and thought they were crawling all over her. They played in the sand. We watched the sun go low in the sky...and then headed back for one last night with the family.

When I checked the mail earlier in the week during one of our stops home, I was happy to discover a card from Gabbi, my swap partner (I played along to even out the number of girls:)...check it out...so pretty!!

You can check out all of her pretty cards here. She also sent some Texas-sized jelly beans. Literally, they were the size of Texas! And a pretty necklace that made me smile:). How sweet is that?!

Oh, and yes...got my 'new hair':). Takes some getting use to...but I love it:). I remind myself of the Predator. Haha.

Hope your weekend was lovely, too...



  1. Beautiful pics. I love your hair, are those dreads or braids?

  2. Amazing pics...looks like a beautiful place, I'm not surprised you wanted to stay there!

    Love your hair...it's fab!! Did it take a while to have them put in?

  3. Gorgeous pic's sweetie....its looks an amazing place & i would be there in a shot too!!

    The dreads are awesome sweetie...they really suit you ;o)
    Gutted i missed your card swap, maybe next time if you do it again!!
    hugs and xxx

  4. Fab pics - and I can see the predator connection LOL!! I'd love to live by the sea, the sound of the waves is something that I'll never tire of and watching them is almost hypnotic. Thanks so much for popping by my blog and for the lovely comment you left, it really means a lot to me. Hugs, Marie xx

  5. Fabulous pics from the beach - I grew up by the sea and miss it terribly, especially loved walking along the beach in winter.
    Your hair is fabulous :)
    Hugs, Mette

  6. fantastic pics krista.it looks so tranquil.i love your dreadlocks, very funky :D

    xx coops xx

  7. Fab pics and wow don't you look different and truely SASSY!

  8. Hi Krista,
    wow, where to start.... the beach pics are idyllic, and I'd move there in a heartbeat too - I'm lucky enough to look out at the North Sea from my kitchen window but it's just not the same as those pics.
    Gabbi's card is too cute - the necklace is just perfect :)
    And wow at those dreads, they are fan-tab-ulous! do they take a lot of looking after?

  9. Aww thanks for posting the card i will have to post yours too. Its fabulous. I love love love your hair. Do you like it? Does it feel heavy? It looks so awesome. Thanks for sharing those great beach pics. Looks so serene.

  10. Thanks for the sweet comments bout the new look up on me head:)...

    To answer some questions...they are dreads with my hair just braided into them.

    It took less time than I thought. My sister did it (first time...she's just really good with hair!) in maybe 2 hours.

    They aren't too bad as far as care...at least so far. I had a couple elastic bands break...but that's it. Oh, and it itched really bad first night. Sounds gross. I know:)

    And I do really like them. Already thinking of doing a light set for summer:)...they really aren't as heavy as I imagined...and I like the feel of long hair again...so does Phil:P


  11. Sounds idyllic by the sea & love the sight of those little green shoots coming up.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Oh my gosh Krista - no wonder we haven't seen you ... you're so busy doing amazing things. I love the dreads! I love all the new characters! How will I narrow down the prints I want?! And I love the photos! Are they taken with your new Nikon? They are really really good! Did I mention I loved the dreads too?!?! Can't wait to see you guys Sunday!



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