Walkin' On Sushine (Yeahhhh...)

Today was the last day of spring cleaning at Niamh's school. You have to put in your 4 hours during the year or pay the 100 bucks instead...so, I chose the 4 hours of cleaning. And, yes, waited till the last minute. (It's not one of my top five ways to spend a Saturday, ya know?) Anyways, Phil is working...And Niamh is having a blast at her cousin's in Pennsylvania...So, it is just me and the little guy.

I bring him cleaning with me for the 4 hours. And 15 minutes into it, he's like-- okay ma, when we gettin' outta here:). It's very difficult to explain time to a five year old, so I usually put it in terms of Disney shows. Philly-- we are going to be here for about 8 Disney shows, babe. Go play on the chalk board.

Well, we did manage to get the hours in. At the end, I succumbed to his pleading eyes and played a few games of Foosball and one game of Trouble in the after-care room. Then we hit the playground for a bit. Played some soccer. We even found a nasty little mole, twitching and acting very sick on the ground. Had us a nice little lesson in Never Touch Dead or Twitching Animals as we walked back to the truck. (Any mother of a boy knows this is a very important lesson. Second only to How To Aim. Haven't perfected that one yet...our bathroom wall knows all to well:).

Pulling away, it was a funny and happy feeling to know I played for years on that same playground...never thinking I'd be running alongside this sweet little guy of my own someday...talking to him about being careful on the big slide and how to be a good goalie. So, yeah...kinda walkin' on sunshine today. Which, in light of the day we had, feels pretty darn good.

Speaking of sunshine, these are not the shoes I wore to clean. And, not the outfit I'd normally pair them with. Cuz it looks like I'm trying out for a slightly pudgier Sandy role in Grease. But, I wanted to show you my new shoes:). EEK!! So pretty! I got them here...I love Jessica Simpson shoes. And I love wedges. I actually hate the color yellow on myself, but couldn't resist them. (I have an old pair in a red print and lurrrrvvv them!)

I think some of the best days in life are the ones that you start out a bit be-grudgingly. Rolling out of bed with a grumpy moan. Looking more forward to the end of the day than the next minute...You know that day, right?...And then, it turns out pretty good...Because you spent it with a cutie pie. And danced around in some hot new shoes;)

It was a good day:)



  1. Awwwww, sounds like you had a wonderful day (apart from the cleaning bit LOL!) Lovin' the shoes (or scoobies, as I like to call them, as in Scooby Doo's - Shoes!!) And yay, thanks for reminding me that I've got a pair of yellow wedges hiding at the back of my wardrobe!!!!!! Hugs, Marie xx

  2. aw sounds like you had a wonderful day with your little man and i am loving your zingy shoes.
    can`t believe you have to do cleaning at the school though, whats that all about :D

    xx coops xx



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