Wednesday Lovin...Me and My Camera:)

Today I thought I'd refrain from grabbing all the pics that have caught my eye across the web this week...and keep it short, sweet, and a little more personal...Here is what I'm loving...through my camera lens:)

I'm being honest when I tell ya, this is my favorite combo. Here is my computer desk right now. Coffee and soda. I think it might be a sin.

One of those spring days when it rains...and then gets sunny..and then rains...and then sun-- You get the picture. I took this in a rain shower. Looks pretty sunny, huh?...Couldn't find the rainbow, but this picture will do:)

Summer dreadlocks:). Already hanging in my closet...All I'm gonna need is a red bow for a perfect Fourth of July look;).

Speaking of summer...I can't wait to hang clothes on the line. It makes me feel all prairie girl mixed with perfect homemaker. Both of which I am not, although I'd lean more to the prairie girl side I think. Yes, Phil agrees;)

Making appointments to get my half sleeve finished.  I can't wait.

Weights I have sprinkled throughout the house. Getting shoulders and back into tank top shape! Thumbs up to all the girls who like muscles:). Pretty muscles, that is:)

...It's anywhere I'll ever go and everywhere I've been
Nothing takes my breath away
Like my front porch looking in...
(Lonestar lyrics I love)

A little peek at my collection of signs. I buy them based on meaningfulness, sarcasm, and humor. Gotta have one of those three to even be considered for my walls:)

And I love vintage airplanes. Here is a model hanging in our kitchen. It has a cute little pinup girl on the side. I love it.

So, there are a few of the things in my view today that I thought I'd share...Thank you to all the girls who left comments on yesterday's post as well...I'm so glad I asked and received your input! I will post some artwork later this week, showing you what I come up with...I feel like there was a strong leaning towards 1 and 5...but I will probably draw up one more, just to give Karen some choices:)...You girls rock!!



  1. Love the picture of you on your front porch thats cool. I love lonestar myself. Love your tattoo. Yoyr so brave. I have one on my hip and one on the top of my foot but thats as far as my bravery goes lol. Thanks for sharing all your neat thoughts and pics. Cant wait to see your artwork and receive the ones i purchased on etsy.

  2. fabulous pics krista.i love your signs, so quirky and great sayings on them :D
    thanks for sharing.

    xx coops xx

  3. yup, that sarcastic humour tickles me too :)
    and I love the look of those summer dreads - you could tie that red ribbon round them tomorrow to celebrate the royal wedding too

  4. I'm crazy about aeroplanes too :-)



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