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I think this is one of my *fave* What I'm Lovin' posts...Take a peek...

Jeans tucked in cowgirl boots. Awesome style.

I love this Etsy photo. Makes me want to go draw some woodsy creatures. And mushrooms.

Speaking of creatures, I don't know exactly what these are (called "ipods", hehehe), but they are adorable and a little creepy. Which, together, defines many things I love:).

I am not a cat person (cringing...I know I must be in the minority)...But, these measuring cups are so cute. I'm not really much of a baker. Or a cook. In fact, I'm basically just a disaster in the kitchen. And I don't really enjoy any of it...So, I hardly ever use measuring cups. I actually have found that even when a recipe calls for them, I only reach for one. A one cup size. I can usually judge from that everything else. How hard is it to really cut it in half. Or fourths. Or eighths. (Okay...now I'm seeing why I'm so terrible at the whole shebang:) Anyways, maybe I'd use them more if they were kitties. And really, really sweet like these.

Finding that I reach for more simplistic colors and cuts as I've gotten older...And this is soooo pretty! It reminds me of something a girl would wear carrying a pretty suitcase as she boards a train.

I can literally feel the movement in this photo. I think it's Alice. Who do you think she is? First glance thoughts!!...

Speaking of simple dresses. The first one, admittedly, is not:) But it's simple enough on top and the ruffle start a little below the hip. It's just so beautiful. And I'm really loving Free People's see through skirts/slips. I really want to try one over a pair of cutoffs this summer with some cute sandals. (And it will cover up any imperfections...my thighs are having a sigh of relief:).

My backyard. On the verge of spring.

Love bold front doors. Just makes you want to go inside!

Easter nails!!

And mustaches!...I HAVE GOT to get these for Niamh. I can already hear the giggles!:)

Building up instead of out. Ingenious:) I am positive that at some point I would roll that chair right off the ledge, but I'd still love to try this office/bedroom combo. Fun!

Do you ever want to just de-clutter and live super simple? I get that urge all the time. I'd love to move into a tiny cottage (less space = less cleaning + cozy family:) Anyway, I saw this story originally in a newspaper. You can check out more pics here. Look at her bed!...How can you not have wonderful dreams sleeping there?

Received my little message doll this week in the mail. Isn't she cute!...I am gonna surprise Niamh with her in Friday's lunch:). Her name is "Eve"; that's pretty much the closest I'll get to "Niamh" (pronounced Neeve) here in the US. I just love her. these are going to be my new obsession, I already feel it! And...stay tuned, because I'm hoping to offer a cutie in a giveaway soon:)!!

That's my list for the week...What's your favorite??...

measuring cups, first dress, mustaches, and momiji doll; modcloth.
ruffle dress and skirt; FP.
other pics via weheartit or pinterest unless noted.



  1. I love it all!! My bedroom looked sort of like the on in the little cottage when I was a kid....it reminds me of being a child. I love the front door picture too. I can see how they made it look like that. I'll have to try that sometime! Nice post! :)

  2. i look forward to this every week...the pics you find are fab! I see a fairy at first glance and I love that floaty loft bedroom...Jude would never come out of her room if it was like that!! Me either!
    I'm with you on the cat thing...I had to pull one out of my hedge the other day...there is a nest in there and I think it was after the babies!

  3. That ruffle dress is really, really pretty. Love the finger staches!

  4. Who is she - Titania from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Not that I know the story but it 'feels' right! Love that green door - makes me think of the book A Secret Garden though I've not read it. It's just the thought it suggests.
    Paula (PEP)



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