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A kinda random, eclectic mix of things that caught my eye this week...

Coffee and a cute owl. A perfect match:)

Root-beer Popsicles! Okay...I have to explain my history with root beer for you to understand how much I cannot wait to try these popsicles this summer!...Root beer was the thing I "craved" when I was preggers with Niamh. (I gained 14 pounds in one month from that stuff. Oh, and the angus burgers from Burger King. Yeah, you might wanna pull your jaw up off the ground;)...It is humanly possible to gain half the allotted baby weight in 4 weeks. And yes, my mid-wife was very unhappy with me. But here's the thing-- root-beer doesn't have any caffeine in it; so, for a soda addicted lady with a baby in her belly, it was the natural way to go. Case in point-- Niamh swam around in amniotic fluid that probably had traces of root beer taste all through it...and now the child is ruined forever;) This treat will be a nice little snack for the both of us root-beer addicts.

Speaking of Niamh, I saw one of these creatures on the Dainty Squid a while back and initially thought it was a photoshop-ed animal. It's not. (And he is like the cutest thing ever.) It is called an axolotl. I showed it to Niamhy...and this what she brought home from art class this week...

I love that kid:)

I pretty much live in skirts and dresses in the summer, so I've been keeping an eye out for some pretty ones. This one is from Anthropologie. It looks like a comfy tee shirt-- maybe a little see-through (cute beach cover-up potential:) It is called the "Slubby Tulip Dress"...Slubby. That is a funny word. And makes me totally want this dress.

Johnny Cash
in a bottle. Yes please.

Pretty meets hicktown. I believe in leaving your Christmas lights up all year long;) Here's a way for me to do it...and not have people just wanna yell "gittrdone" at our house when they drive by.

Ever seen the old Swiss Family Robinson movie? I loved that movie when I was a kid. Wouldn't it be fun to just try living like that?...

Phil and I have driven across country twice (not for vacation purposes)...I'd love to give it a go with the kids one summer...Just head out with no plan...Let each day surprise us. Definitely in our future. Definitely:).

I love this girl's face.

Do you ever do nutty things like this?...You should. Just for a good laugh. Keeps you feeling like a kid:)

owl, pinterest
axolotl, googleimages
jar lights, here
tree house and bed, here
road and girl, weheartit
last pic, here

Did anything catch your eye this week...I always click on the links you leave, so do share:)...It is always fun sharing treasures with friends:)...Stop back for some awkward&awesome-ness tomorrow:)...Bye now:)



  1. Fabulous Krista!! That root beet popcicle does look great! The axolotl are very cute and I should know, we've gone thru two ove them. Love the adorable little things and I did everything they said to but two separate ones both still died. I've narrowed it down to two reasons 1)even though the guy said they r naturally loners they were born and raised in captivity always surrounded by others so it was sad or 2)just couldn't keep the water temp right. They like it very cool and get stressed easily and we had a really hot summer last year so that was more likely the case but we were sad to see them go so cute, but we just couldn't seem to make them work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Autumn, I can't believe you had two!...That's too bad they couldn't make it...I thought about trying, but I've never been good with tiny animals...Even the furry kind:(. They really are the cutest things ever, though!:)

  3. Hi sweetie like the fishy doodly thingy ma bib I like things that are different lol. Loving the dress I have 1 similar but mine is not t shirt fabric its cotton. However when I was out the other day goosing around in the shops as you do I saw the new release long dresses & there was a gorgeous broderie anglaise long white dress bustier style top with thin sttraps but let me tell ya what looked fantatsic with it. Over here they have new re-released the denim sleevless jackets you know the little cropped ones in a weathered look denim, they looked soooo good together like a country chic look lol. I'm hugely fashion conscious I'm worse than my kids lol I stay up to date with everything I adore clothes & footwear lol....as most normal women do lol.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx
    Oh by the way love ALL the new stamps cudnt get just one that would of been cruel....

  4. well I was away to start by saying that i don't think we get root beer in the UK - but being the pedantic pain in the bum that i am I googled it first and apparently we can get root beer in the UK from here http://www.americansoda.co.uk
    my partner has been to the states though and tells me that root beer tastes worse than Dandelion and Burdock lol
    I always love seeing the eclectic mix of images you find, it's a bit like seeing how someone's brain is wired up and I love it :)

  5. the word hicktown caught my eye!!! i live in a hicktown! i love love love mason jars and the lights inside are so beautiful! :) awesome post pretty girl!

    ALSO, i'm having a giveaway! So..... if you want, you can check it out! :) Its super easy to get your name in the pot! No jumping all over the place to do this and do that! its not complicated. :)


    anyways! love your blog!

  6. I tried Rootbeer when I was in the US a long time back but couldn't quite get used to it. I think it's like Marmite (an English yeast spread something similar I believe to Vegemite) - you either love it or hate it. Niamh did a really great drawing of that fish - quite something & as you say it doesn't quite look as if it could be real.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. What I'm loving is your sweet drawings and stamps!!
    Happy easter!

  8. Ooh, I like that owl! Just found your blog, and I'm enjoying catching up on some of your entries :)

  9. I just love everything about your blog! And your drawings are amazing!
    Ooh i wish i had a bit of your talent! keep well.Rosie.x



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