Dreading It. Part 2.

I wanted to make my second dreads post something to make you smile. So, here are the ups and downs of having a head of big synthetic hair. Hope you enjoy.

jersey girl

My Dad's face. Mmmm...Let's say priceless. I still don't think he understands what I'm doing:). But, he got use to the tattoos...so the hair is probably no big deal. Just get that funny glance here and there:).

Jamaican guys love me:).

If I'm wearing them in a pony and driving, I have to put my seat super far back. There is a lot of hair back there, and otherwise, I'm hunched over the wheel. Cuz there ain't no place to put it. So, please know...I am aware that my dodge truck is not a suped-up civic. And I really shouldn't be laying back like I'm a 21 year old guy trying to impress chicks. But I have no choice people.

jersey girl

Be careful, girls who get very long dreads. When you try to do that flippy-hair thing (the move that swooshes your hair back all cute and sweet)...You may hit people at the restaurant table next to you. It does make a dining experience somewhat awkward from that moment on.

I don't have to do a thing to my hair in the morning. It is already done. Boy-YA!

The poofy pillow at night that feels like a cross between corn husks and hay. It takes a little getting use to. But now I know for sure, I could camp out in a barn and not loose a wink of sleep:).

blue dreadlocks

I learned a lesson in judging people. When a woman in line at Wawa looked at me, then moved her kids to the other side of her body. Rude. I wanted to chase her out of the store with my hair,but I stayed in line...thinking I will try never again to judge a book by its cover. Not assume I know who a person is by their choice in style. Because I'm actually very nice, Lady at Wawa...And I even take the occasional shower;)

Colors I've always wanted to try but could never achieve with dye; well, it's all there to try with dreads. It is really fun to plan your next style. So many options...If you missed it, check out my first post here.

Make sure they are all in the vehicle with you when you close the door. Make sure you don't dip them into your soup. Be prepared for people to stop you in public and want to touch them. And yes-- do use them to annoy your sleeping guy on the couch. (I must have had Phil jump in his sleep 10 times one night. I need to find new hobbies:).

I have wanted to try a style like this since I was maybe 20. I'm 31 now. It took a few years, but I did get around to it. Glad I did...You should always try the things you dream about doing. Even if they scare you a little. Even if you are over 30. Even if other people look at you cross-eyed! Who cares. It's your life, and you should feel happy about who you are and how you look:).

tattoos and dreadlocks

So, that's it:)...Hopefully between the two posts, I have answered all the questions girls asked. They are very much like having tattoos...People either love 'em or hate 'em. But all that matters is that you like your personal style. If you feel happy and comfortable with something; go for it! ;)


  1. Your hair is gorgeous ... as is mine today, having be 'done' by my four year old. the clips are very fetching LOL!!!
    I had to smile at the hair flicking tip ... one to remember!!
    Cathy xx

  2. I am really enjoying these post on your dreads. Tattoos and dreads... I would have loved to try both in my younger days, but I think my employer would keel over now! Wonderful posts. Makes it easy to live vicariously through you, lol! Love your style, girl. ~kurlygirl Kurly-Q :)

  3. i love your dreads... so they are just braided into your regular hair?? and if you took them out you regular hair will still be regular? Just curioius.. i have always wanted to do this.. but scared to death. my daughters father (ex) has them and i had to do them for him all the time... (he's black) I loved them. :-)
    where do you get your dreads from?

    sorry if thats a bunch of questions.. just curious!

    God Bless

  4. @ OTM, Yup, my regular hair stays totally normal:)...They braid in so easily. If you look at my dread post earlier in the week, I gave links to the two dread shops I've bought from. Both were great sets!:)

    Thanks for asking...Hope this helped!


  5. Have enjoyed your 'dread'ful posts, Krista (LOL!) ;-) I do love your dreads - not sure they'd quite be 'me' but they look fab on you! I had to laugh at your hair flicking comment too - it reminded me of a while ago when I was at the beach (my hair is v long) and I swooshed it round when it was wet and managed to spray everyone within metres of me!! Hugs, Marie xx

  6. Loving your dreads! Not been following you long but you sound a bit of a rebel (in a nice way) and just like I was when I was in my late teens - maxi skirts in awful colours that trailed on the ground, bare feet, afro perms (not good on white women!!) ~memories. Keep em love they are fabulous and so 'you'! Sheila:)X

  7. I loved when I had my dreads.
    I had so many people come up and touch mine saying how beautiful they were. They were the same color as my natural hair so they looked very real. I can't wait to try them again eventually :]

  8. I love this post. So funny... and really, it's not cool to judge a book by it's cover. Take me for instance. I don't choose to spend a lot of money on my clothes. It's just not a priority for me (my husband says I'm like a cartoon character 'cus I wear jeans and a T every day..Ha). I choose to spend my money on other things. At first glance, some people may think I'm boring because I don't express myself with my clothes. Those people would be mistaken. Anywho... It's just not nice to judge, and it makes you look like a fool, and then I find myself judging the judger and it's a big, full circle mess. Play nice. Oh, and I love the dreads.

  9. I just love your individuality & confidence Krista, & how down to earth & true to yourself you manage to be with a superb honesty. This post has had me in stitches & there's a bitter sweet reality about it that I can only strive to achieve. The first photo of you is a real stunner.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  10. I think your hair is very pretty-in-a-very-cool-way!
    luv it

  11. Wow Krista great read, and I like what you had to say.
    When you hit 30's you stop worrying so much about what other people think, I dont mean that in a way to dis people but it is your life and people opinions really do not affect you so much.
    There will always be those who are judgemental and afraid of something different, it just their own insecurity that makes them that way.
    I hope I haven't bored you to death or offended in any way,
    Have a lovely weekend ,
    Hugs Bridget :0) x

  12. This has been really interesting...you've answered all my questions! Still don't think I am brave enough to get them....I would get far too many weird looks in this wee town!lol

  13. Hi Krista, Your hair looks great. So much fun.
    Enjoy the change! xo Sue

  14. You are officially my hero. I stumbled upon your blog from Little Chief Honeybee and just started reading. I'm 29 and just now kind of coming into my own and starting to feel comfortable in my skin. I've dreamed of having hair like yours (it's gorgeous!) but I felt like "almost 30" is too old to pull it off. Your words totally inspired me ... and you completely ROCK this look. Wow!

  15. Hey loverly lady,
    Just found your blog and I love it!!
    You've also convinced me to try synthetic dreads!!
    I've always wanted some but was worried about damaging my hair and not being able to get them out if I dont like them, but this solves all my problems! THANKS!

  16. LOL...my ADD kicked in when you mentioned Wawa! I have family in Philly and they used to talk about going to the Wawa and I was like "huh, the what???"
    Also, love reading the dread info! Love the photos of how you had them braided. AND, I learned long ago not to judge a book by it's cover. But then again, I prefer people who are outside the "norm".

  17. Out of all the blogs I read the one person who dreads is a white girl, mmmmm...... (what does that say for me) Now I have dreads, I am from Trinidad and I absolutley understand how you feel about the way people look at you. Honey I am black and many people here have dreads but it is still hard to get jobs, go into seroius business areas or go places of "class" where rich people socailize. I hate the stigma but I love my hair. Long story short, I LOVE that you went for this hairstyle you are COURAGEOUS, AND I ADIMRE YOU.

  18. I don't have dreads but I have braids and I love them. So easy to deal with when you have a newborn. I love your hair and i think it looks amazing on you.

  19. you're making me want dreads again! LOL I had natural dreads for oh, I dunno. 5 or 6 years during my 20s. (I'm 30 now). They're cut off and in a ziplock baggie in my closet! ;)
    But I always thought synthetic dreads could be fun too! My bf is a little snobby when it comes to dreads- if it's not natural it's lame,etc. But I'm more of your mindset not to judge and let ppl do what they want! Plus, PINK HAIR! &...& Turquoise hair! LOL. you may have just pushed me over the edge...ps- in summer when it's hot, my secret was to throw them all over the edge of the bed while sleeping (our bed was pulled out from the wall). Otherwise, it's too hot and yes- they create a pillow all in themselves! LOL THEY LOOK GREAT AND HAVE FUN! XD

  20. I want you to know I've sent an email to a salon about an hour away from me to inquire about having dreads put in..... all because you have so inspired me. :)

    not sure what hubby and the 3 sons are gonna think, but I am excited! first one in fam to get a tat, now going for the dreads.... c'mon 50! nothing holding this mom back! grins!

  21. Found your blog via Little Cheif Honeybee! Your dreads are fabulous!!! If I didn't work for corp Am I'd get some!

    New follower!!

  22. I love how much info you've given on the topic. I have one question you may have answered but I could have missed it, how short does your hair have to be? I have pretty long hair, it's a little past my chest, and I want to keep most of the length. I can afford to cut some of it but I don't want to chop it off! Oh another question, are they easy to take out? I ride horses and there's no way I'd fit dreads under a helmet! So I'm probably going to have to take them out frequently. Does it seem like to much of a hassle to give it a try?

    1. You don't have to cut your hair at all!:) I have hair down to the middle of my back, and I just had them in:). It's more of an issue if you have super short hair, as it needs to be long enough to braid:). They are easy to take out, but the process is very time consuming! It isn't something you'd want to do even once a week! I leave mine in for up to 6 weeks at a time. Maybe you could add some accent pieces in and try it that way...bc the helmet would still be okay to fit, and you could see if you like them:). It's def worth a shot! I love mine when I have them in:).

      Hope this helps! x


    2. Ahh thank you so much :) I definitely want to try it :) I can't wait to order some!!



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