Happy Mother's Day

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I've learned a lot through the years from this beautiful person. From little style tips (always wear lipstick and earrings) to creating family holiday traditions...I feel like I've learned from the best:). Here are a few of my favorite things about my mom...and I'm sure you'll see, too, just how lucky I am:).

She will fight for her family. Or at least try. Somehow our hotel in Disney World ended up being harassed by a gang of guys...Trying to break into rooms. Insert: Dad and brother getting into a fight. And my mom. She tried to grab one of them to help the very capable men...and ended up being thrown into a room and needing some medical attention. We've tried telling her-- just stay outta it, mom...But, she loves us all far too much to just sit back. Moral of story: She was okay. And we ended up with a nice upgrade in hotels:). Thanks, Mom:).

Our holidays were (and still are) the best. She always had these nice little traditions...things us kids looked so forward to through the year. From Gerber baby food plums in our stocking at Christmas, to the special Cadbury egg in our Easter baskets...Little things were so special. And, having kids of my own now, I realize how valuable this quality in children really is. It makes me happy when my own kids really appreciate the little things in life...It's a legacy, really...My mom is so much a part of my own children. And that makes me proud:).

She will say what she needs to say. It is easy to find a person who says what you want to hear...But, it's great to know a person who stands up for what they know is right...no matter who is there. The President of the United States will not intimidate my mother. She is that confident in who she is and what she believes.

She is always just a phone call away. When I'm having a bad time of it...you know-- one of those weeks when everything goes wrong, and it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders...I talk to my mom. Somehow, no matter how I try to hold it in, I end up crying like I'm 10 again...But she is there to listen, to pick me up, and to send me home with a lighter burden. I'm pretty sure she carries it up on her own shoulders for me...It's nice to know she is always in my corner:).

I've said it before, but I'll tell it once more..I remember lying in bed when I was younger and really wondering if God had given me an angel for a mom...And feeling rather blessed to have been put in this specific family. My mom encouraged us to just be kids...to grow up slow and good...and to always follow our dreams. She truly believes we can do anything-- and it's been a huge source of encouragement throughout my life. She trusts me. And supports my decisions-- from marrying a guy she'd only met once (turned out pretty good...we're going on ten years!) to being okay with the occasional tattoo (they really aren't her thing:). She is my constant. And a great example of a Christian woman. I feel very privileged and honored to call her my Mom:)

Love you, Mom:)


  1. Hi Krista, Lovely Mothers Day Post. I feel like I know your Mom. She sounds just as you have described her before. Fantastic! She also has a very special family and daughter ;) Have a wonderfull Mothers Day, feels like we are doing lots of celebrating special days but it is so good to just spend the special time with those you love the most! xo Sue <3

  2. It's lovely to see such a tribute & recognition of the true values. Hope you both had very special Mother's Days. One of the greatest gifts a Mum can give is constancy & honesty & being true to beliefs - your post proves the reality & both of you are examples. Take care both of you.
    Much love from me
    Paula (PEP)



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