Mother's Day Post #1. Remembering...

You know the question, "What would be the one thing you'd grab in a fire?" Well, my answer, hands down, would be the journal I keep for my kids. Even over the baby pictures...I have a feeling I could ask for some replacements from family for those. But, all those special little moments as the kids are growing up-- written down through the years-- would be something no one could replace. So, yeah...It would be the journal for sure.

It isn't a fancy journal. I don't even like the outside cover:)...But, it is what I started writing in when Niamh was just a little thing. January 2005 was my first entry. It is a place for the moments that I never want to forget...not birthdays or Christmas memories, because they tend to be a little more vivid. It's a book for the funny things they say. For a tender moment. A little milestone reached. A thing they are "into" at the time. All the little things that I cherish.

I can't tell you how many times tears have fallen onto those pages. Cause those two little people and their daddy are my whole world. It's hard not to read through it when I'm done writing something else onto the pages...And it always makes me teary eyed. Happy tears, as the kids say:)

I will keep it till the day I die. It's the only way to freeze them at the different stages of life...cuz goodness knows, it doesn't work in real life. (I've asked many times. Please don't get any older...Just stay right here forever:)...Although, every new day and each new year bring me more joy as a mama...And every day is the perfect age:).



  1. You're such a wonderful mummy - what an amazing thing to be able to share with your children when they're older and what a beautiful legacy to leave to them. They will be able to feel through your words just how much you love them. It's something that I wish I'd done myself - having fought cancer and faced my own mortality, it did make me wish that I had something like that to leave behind. Thankfully, I didn't end up needing it but it's still a joyful record of their childhood. Lots of hugs, Marie xxx
    P.S. In that last photo, your daughter's got that leopard print hoody on again - where's it from?? I LOVE it!!!! xx

  2. I keep a notebook to jot down all those precious moments and silly things thay say and do ... it makes light hearted redaing on a bad day, and reminds me of what two very special (oh in so many ways special!!) children I have been blessed with.
    Thank you for sharing snippets of your children with us
    Cathy xx

  3. The very special relationship & rapport you have with your children is a privilege to witness. You are giving them such a lovely start & the fact that you are recording all those special spontaneous moments means that you have tangible evidence of their childhood.
    With much love & thanks for all you give - you made my day today in many ways.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Marie,

    I got that hoodie at a Target:):)...She is a wild child at heart, so thought it fit her personality well:)! hehehe:)

    xo, krista

  5. I love the idea of the journal for your kids! It's such a great idea that I wish I started one when they were younger. But I guess it's never too late to huh? I'm going to pick out a few journals tomorrow for them! I sent you a note on Etsy! Love your art! Thanks for the inspiration as well!

    Take Care, Cass



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