Rain x 7

For the next seven days, rain is in the forecast. I really like a rainy day here and there, especially if we get to stay inside, snuggle, and just be bums:). But seven days of rain?! What's a girl to do? (What's a mom to do with her house-bound kiddies?!!) Got me some ideas...

toy boats

play with boats


catch some raindrops


find a reflection


rock out


feel a little gloomy

shopping in rain

go shopping

dance in rain


steam heart

make some window art

the notebook kiss


books for rainy day

read a good book

drive in rain

take a drive in a nice car...or, in our case, a beat-up truck;)

rainy heart

find new love

rainy heart

sing and/or watch Star Wars

splash in a puddle

splash in a puddle


look for a rainbow

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Images via Weheartit.


  1. All sound great fun but anything with those you love is great.It keeps forcasting rain here but so far we have only had the odd shower or it's rained overnight so you never know.

  2. Reading a good book and dronking hot cocoa <3 or just watxhing the rain pour down. Or walking out with umbrella and hear the rain dropping to the umprella. And if it is warm, jumping and splashing in the water pools barefoots.

    Btw you were mentioned in my weekly favourites in http://avaloves.worpress.com (the loks still sucks since i am kinda new qith wordpress)

  3. Watch an old movie and listen to the driving rain beat against the window, its like therapy.

    have a great day
    Hugs Bridget :0) x

  4. fabulous pics krista.if i had to choose what to do it would be.
    jump in puddles, muddy ones if poss and then bath time and snuggle together to read or watch a film :D

    xx coops xx

  5. Oh Definately splashing in puddles!!
    Love that pic of the Stormtrooper!!
    I hope that it doesn't rain for 7 days tho! :0(

  6. rainy weekend here in south jersey...good weekend to catch up on my crafts.

  7. All great ideas! I'm a "cozy up and read a good book" kind of girl. Oh the cocoa is a must too!

  8. Fab pics Krista .. love the reflection one. Rain means wellies and puddle splashing here .. ohh and silly umbrellas!
    Cathy xx

  9. A glorious selection of pictures & ideas - & a very original post. My favourite of the photos is the dance one, as for what I like to do when it's raining - here in Brecon where we can stand in our lounge & look over the valley - to the left it might be dull & overcast whereas to the right it is actually raining - sideways with the sun shining between the clouds. So, when it rains, first check if it's raining all round the house!! Sometimes it's raining at the back but not the front!! I wouldn't have believed it if I'd not seen it.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Awh, Stitch is so sad yet cute :) Plus, the little boats look like a lot of fun... I've used wood bark for boats and then put those green army men on there and see how long they stand for. Love it when it rains, but it's all over here in CA. New follower too!!



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