Strawberries on a Stick

Niamh has a summer birthday. Last week her teacher invited summer birthday kids to bring in their birthday treat anytime before the end of the year. I'm officially on Team I Hate Cupcakes-- have been since becoming a room-mom for her class last year. Those kids are cupcaked-out by May. And I can't count the number of times Niamh has brought home a crumbled up, half-eaten cupcake in her lunchbox...because she just couldn't finish it at lunch time. (I always wonder if she thinks eating it off the sides of her lunchbox at home that night is really gonna happen...) So, no cupckaes. If you follow my blog, you know I'm no Martha Stewart in the kitchen. But I still always try to send in something special and different...Make the kids ohhh and ahhh over Niamh's treat:). I love when she feels special...:). I thought about cake-pops. But those visions always ended with me chucking cake pops at the back of the goat barn in our yard...Cuz, those aren't gonna happen for me. I already know that story and it ends in frustration. And a deep resentment of all things Martha Stewart-esque. Instead, I did strawberries on a stick. Covered in chocolate. And sprinkles.

circle scarf
strawberries and chocolate
birthday treat
birthday treat

All I have to show for it is one left over strawberry that melted in the truck (see above)....But they looked pretty cute coming out of the fridge. The best part of the whole thing are those little crunchy sprinkles! And, if you look closely, I have me my very own sprinkles guy:). Phil does the sprinkles for me...so they stick before the chocolate hardens. (Told me not to get a picture of him doing sprinkles...Does the hand count?...Nah:) Anyways, that's my kiddie bday treat this year:). What do you send in for your child's birthday??...I've got years of this ahead of me, so ideas are very much appreciated! Just no cupcakes please:).


  1. My son is only 3 so no school birthday treats here yet, but I love this! I am tucking it away, maybe for his 4th birthday this October! :)

  2. haha.. love it! Now's probably not a good time to say I made OWL cupcakes for my daughter's first birthday... it was a woodland theme to go with here Narnian fawn outfit i made her. ;o)

    A recent 'Easter' treat you may like to try tho..
    The pic of my attempt is at the end of my post here.

    Mel:o) of Needle and Nest Design

  3. Krista this looks like a fun treat. Im sure the kids loved them. And they were somewhat healthy too. Great job mom. Our schools here in texas dont allow you to celebrate bdays in school. Pretty dumb huh? We think so too but any way these are great.

  4. i want this now. that looks sooo good!!!

  5. A lovely original idea - cupcakes are utterly ordinary & i CANNOT see their attraction, please may I join your team. Anyhow, love your packaging too & the strawberries on the ribbon with little "sprinkles" too - just beautiful detail with your presentation.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Mmmmmmmmm ... strawberries and sprinkles, what a fab idea (ignoring any claories on those treats!!), and great packaging!
    Cathy xx

  7. love this idea Krista - Faith is a summer baby too, her birthday will always be slap bang in the middle of the summer holidays.
    Unfortunately we're not allowed to hand in anything hand-made, anything has to be shop bought - so I usually just buy a party size cake from Asda (walmart).
    But I just happen to have some fresh strawberries in the fridge, have coloured sprinkles in the cupboard so might just pop out for some chocolate. Do you think the kids would notice if I scoffed the lot before they got home? lol

  8. This is fantastic Krista!! So pretty too! My older ones don't really don't the party thing and only one had a bday during the school year and were not suppoosed to make stuff at home either..stupid rule I think. I do it anyway all the time though, nobody ever says anything to me,lol. I don't think the parents really care, I'm pretty sure it's an allergy issue. I tried cake pops, and they didn't work...need to buy the book from the cake pop lady, but for the holidays the kids take things to their teachers I usually make fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, snickerdoodles. Oh' that gives me and idea, you could try the cookie pops, I haven't done it b4 but doesn't seem as hard or messy as cake pops,lol, I should have lots of ideas, love to bake, my choco chip cookies are highly sought after,lol, but I'm drawing a blank. Anyway, I"M going to have to try this one. TFS!

  9. i love this... ill have to remember this :-) my mom does something similar but with cheesecake instead of the strawberries... omg!! so good :-)

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous & yummy treat! I bet kids are going to wish they were in your kiddos' classes growing up so they can get the best treats!



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