Wednesday Lovin...

Here is a bunch of goodies I've been drooling over this week:)...Check back later for another Mother's Day post, too:)

fairy shoes

These are like works of art...fairy shoes!:) I'd put them up on a shelf and just enjoy the craftsmanship of them. So magical! The whole Etsy shop is filled with whimsical shoes...Check it out here.

baby elephant

Isn't he just the cutest?!!

modcloth skirt

I love this skirt from Lulu's. It's the perfect running errands skirt. I'd pair it with a fitted white tank and some pretty sandals...

jeffrey campbell platforms

Speaking of sandals...These are Jeffrey Campbell heels. *sigh* I am in love. With some red painted toenails, these would be killer!

manatee art

manatee picture

A manatee mailbox!! I saw this big guy while driving in PA this weekend and almost crashed...I was turning around backwards yelling guys, did you just see a manatee?? How crazy is he-- in the middle of Pennsylvania!! It's my favorite animal in the whole world!

ping pong picture

Ping pong necklace...How fun is this?!

So, I've heard of this Polyvore site before, but never checked it out until late last night. Wow, it's so fun:)...Kinda like playing with computer screen colorforms (cheers to anyone who remembers what colorforms were!)...Anyways, it's fun to create these little collections...Here's my "Mom's Date Night With Dad" collection. It's definitely worth checking out!

new jersey fisherman

A genius Jersey fisherman...doesn't even need to get out of the truck to catch a fish. Awesome:)

Hope you liked the pics...And here is one more of my favorites from the week...I think I like the original a little better...But either way, it a great song. Enjoy!

Makes me wanna go muddin':).


  1. Oh my! I love that mail box!!! Manatees are my favorite as well :)

  2. oh those first shoes, the elf-like ones, are so adorable!! not to mention the colourful heels afterwards :)


  3. The Manatee looks amazing - but it's the first pair of shoes, plus they look as if they'd fit my small feet & they're flat!!! I love flat comfy shoes that don't drown my small feet. I do like that elephant though - lovely picture with his ginger hair. Then the colours on the picture of the errands skirt - what a lovely theme for a card; plus the skirt is just my kind of style with those shoes......mmmm the last time I wore a skirt........too long ago.
    Thanks for another peek at things that are different.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. I need to train myself not ot click on links ... those fairy shoes are beautiful .. so I clicked the link .. and ound they are made in Exeter near ehere mt brother in lae lives .... so so so so so fatal as I now have a pair of conker brown button shoes lined up to buy!!! They are so my type of shoe .. hubby is scared and can hear the plastic flexing... I am pointing him in your direction for the blame!!!
    Cathy xx

  5. I am seriously swooooning over those shoes!! They ARE magical! I'm so checking out the etsy shop after I post this!

  6. oh fabulous pics krista.i love those elf like shoes and the fab mailbox :D

    xx coops xx

  7. love the fishing idea...us nj folks are rad.
    cute blog.

  8. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance i would love for you to check out my blog and give me some of your opinions on it! i would really appreciate it! :)

    follow me?

  9. Manatee mailbox <3<3 Manatee is my "soul animal" so I love it!
    Btw your blog is so cute and inspirational!



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