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Have you gotten sucked into the Twilight Saga fan club?? I'm being completely honest when I say that I was never really interested in the whole vampire movie thing. Never read the books. Still haven't. Don't intend to. I was not on that bandwagon and definitely not picking a Team. Not me.

And then Niamh happened to be hanging out with my younger sister one night with Twilight on in the background. She came home in love. With a certain boy named Edward. Said sister gave her the movie for her birthday. (I know some parents might cringe at the thought of their child watching vampire movies; but Phil and I are okay with the movies so far...She knows which parts to turn her head. She is really good about that.) We watched the movie together one night. And then the next night. And then again. Are you getting the picture? She pushed me onto the Twilight wagon! Maybe threw me right up there-- I don't know, cuz I never saw it coming. And then, there I am, cheering on the bed with her the first time Edward comes onto the screen. (I'm so embarrassed to admit that.)

We went to the second movie in the theater. My sisters and Niamh, hooting and hollering (along with every other salivating chick) at the boy pulling off his shirt at ever opportunity. Think his name is Jacob. I'm not really into the whole wolf thing;). Anyways, I sat there quietly. Smirking. But, here is a tiny confession: I wanted to let out a little hollar, too. For the boy with the fangs. And...I wore an Edward tee that night. And I'm 31 years old. **Blushing**

So, while I'm a closet fan (holding that door handle tight as I can, lest anyone should try to open it and pull me and my Edward tee out for all to see)I admit that of the 75 billion hits that trailer has received on YouTube...Well, I account for maybe 12. Ah, okay, 17. And I am on Team Edward. Jacob kinda annoys me. I don't like that whole needy, pining boy thing. Although, if I have to watch a needy, pining guy, it's nice if he is a beef cake:).

And, in case you haven't stumbled upon it already, here is the video:). Thanks for reading the confessions of a closet Twilight fan. Please don't tell anybody;)...


  1. I am a fan of twilight but i am going to say that i like the books better. But I'm a huge reader so any book is better then the movie for me. I have to admit that Bella irritates me in both movie and book form. She's so freaking whinny ugh. haha I am also an Edward fan. (heehee I'm 27 years old and feel like a big kid when i watch them...maybe thats why i watch them)

    p.s thanks for the comment on my blog :) (you were the second person to do that and it's always exciting to read comments)

  2. Well - i'm not going to tell anyone. And don't tell anyone I haven't got a clue what you are on about!! I've heard the names Twilight, Bella & Edward.....but that's as far as it goes - should I be curious???
    there - now I've confessed!
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Oh for me it has to be Jacob....mmmmmmm that six pack and I am 39!! shocking!!!!
    I agree with Rene, the books are better.

  4. Okay. So I've read the books. I refuse to see the movies [because I love the books so much and I'm weird], but I LOVE watching the trailers. Because, let's be honest, Robert Pattinson is BEAUTIFUL vampire... Er...man. And I had NO idea this trailer was out. You are a bad influence [I've watched the trailer--on your blog alone--about 4 times]. Hahahaha!

  5. what a fun post!!!!! i'm totally on the bandwagon but like you, didn't plan on it - then got sucked into it (no pun intended of course...hehe). i won't tell anyone. ;) i love that you are enjoying it with your daughter!

    and you bet i've seen that trailer...more than a million times. ;)

  6. I have to admit i was the one who got my nineteen yr old daughter to watch the first one and we both have been hooked ever since. Of course we are team edward all the way. We even got my husband and twelve yr old going to the movies when each one comes out. Not interested in reading just watching lol

  7. Hee, hee - I've not seen any twilight movies yet but I'm sure one day I'll succumb. I am rather partial to a vampire after all - I mean, my love for a certain hunky brooding one called Angel, knows no bounds. I'm in love with David Boreanez - my love has even followed him over to Bones....hmmmm, anyway am drooling now.
    Hop over to my blog and check out my new blog header - you might've had a bit of a hand in it!!!! Hugs, Marie xx

  8. I love love love Twilight not for any character as I only swoon for my hubby, soft I know but hey if you are happy with whats in your shopping trolley why carry on looking at whats on the shelf......thats my motto anyway lol & also he is just the best man ever!!!
    Anyway hubster is a HUGE vampire & wolf lover he even gets jealous that I have fangs......yes I do come out at night lol. I love the whole story of it I've only seen the films....maybe 300 times each lol but I've not read the books tbh I dont have time to read books lol. I only just keep on top of commenting lol.....Anyway I think its fine to admit to been a twilight fan I am ahuge fan & I'm not normally a big lover of vampires, they are not scary enough & usually I find them too corny & the acting rather pathetic at times lol....not that I'm being picky at all lol.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  9. For the longest time I refused to read the books. But my mom in law and sis in law kept insisting I need to read them. Now, I'm hooked. Cheesy movies? Yes. But, who cares. Great storyline, imho. :)

  10. Seems familiar...I watched Twilight (the first one) two or three months ago - it was on TV. And the next two days I was doing only that - watching all series over and over again...Not the whole series, but certain parts...Love the story. Love Jacob for the look (and I'm 30 as well), but not in this movie - this one is for Edward, and I really like that vampire...
    Yet - like cardmaking bird - I'm totally in love with Angel...and Booth (a.k.a. David Boreanaz)

    P.S. Love your posts :-)

  11. Well im 40 shh!! Dont tell! LOL!
    My sis-inlaw got me the books and i fell in love with the story, wasnt going to watch the movie but got sucked into by my 15 year old daughter!
    I think its ok to confess to this...edward is yummy!! lol!!
    julie x


    Im like you, I didnt want to like it either. But it sucked in in and I could not put the books down. Im not much of a reader either. I read all 4 books in a week! Seriously, you will not regret it. Especially with knowing what everyone looks like, its easy to paint a picture.

    My sister, cousin and I are right there with you. 30 and going to the movie theater with our Edward shirts on. Isnt it crazy?

    xoxo Julie

  13. haha i really didn't want to be a fan either, but i read the first book after much persuasion, then proceeded to read the other 3 all in a week, then watched the first movie and preordered the second immediately (as it wasn't yet out on dvd) and was more excited when at teh cinema for the third one than i can ever remember being to see a film. oh yeah, and i am team edward till i die too. oh dear, and i so didn't want to be sucked in like everyone else!!

  14. You are soo unbelievable talented! Amazingggg

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Ok so I think i might be the oldest fan.... but like I tell my work colleagues... who are all 19... I am 17 at heart and therefore allowed to drool over the sparkly one.... (though i did have to check how old he was to make sure it wasn't too wrong)... I've read the books, loved them to bits and adore the movies... and proud to be Team Edward but like yourself Krista, don't mind moody wolf looking like he does :-)
    Great post, thanks for making me smile.
    have a great day

    (sorry I seem to have renamed you on my first comment... which is why i'm trying again.... I'm poorly today so I hope you can forgive me.. :-( x)

  17. @Julie-- i feel better about the tee now:)!! i'll have to re-consider reading the books. i'm terrible at planning reading time into my day, but everyone is saying how great they are. so maybe!!

    @Michelle-- you are too funny!!:) made me smile!!:)




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