I'll Have Honey Mustard with my Belly Button:)

tea light craft
This is how I found my son's belly while he was playing outside this week. Like he squirted honey mustard inside his belly button, in case he needed it for dippin' later:). Philly gives us lots of good laughs..he is just so, well, Philly:). He is not at all affected by food remnants on his face...or belly. His summer motto is No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem:). My kids generally take on a very rugrat appearance during the summer months. Dirty little things...but happy and having fun. Oh well...this was a nice reminder to stock up on some bubble bath for June:)
tea light craft
You know the guy on Charlie Brown. With the dirt cloud following him everywhere? Yeah. That's how we rock it in the summer. Two little dirtballs:). It's okay, though. Summer is meant for sweaty hands, dirty faces, and good old outside fun:). And it never hurts to add a little honey mustard to the mix:).


  1. & the summer is perfect for hosing them down when they're especially dirty. It's a bonus if they think being sprayed by a hose is funny. Your son is adorable!

  2. Honey Mustard - not sure I'd really want to eat that afterwards...... what a scream - kids have their own logic a lot of the time.
    Have fun & enjoy the bubbles.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. hehe too cute! have a lovely weekend with your fun family!!!!

  4. aw fantastic pics krista.your little boy is so cute and i agree summer is all about playing outside and getting mucky :D
    my son likes to get the water bombs out and soak everyone.

    xx coops xx



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