Laughter is the Best Medicine

I don't usually stay in that un-inspired rut for too long...you know those days when you really can't get yourself doing anything very creative. I usually spend those off days dreaming up new projects, new artwork, new posts...but lately, I have just been kinda blah. Certain days are just stressful...and that's okay:). And, on the rare occasion that those days turn into an entire week...well, I've got these two little knuckle-heads to keep me smiling:).
hippie chick
Niamh is not my quiet child:). And she does this super funny re-enactment of the balcony scene from Gnomeo and Juliet...when Juliet does this funky little face. I die laughing every time Niamh does it...Take a look:)
hippie chick
hippie chick
I probably make her do it for me 50 times a week. It is soooo funny:) And, this little guy--
hippie chick
hippie chick
Well, he apparently lost a tooth this week. Like, really lost it. He came up to me on Friday night, wiggling his new tooth, saying, "Why isn't my tooth wiggly anymore??" So Philly:). So easy going and nonchalant about life, he never even realized his tooth fell out. Or that he probably swallowed it. He wrote a sweet note to the tooth fairy...and she still left him a little $. (I think she must love him...he is too adorable!;)

The best medicine for an off week is a little laughter:). And, I think I'm cured. I've got some fun posts lined up...a pretty kickin' giveaway in the near future...and am working on re-vamping my Etsy store and art style for the fall. Lots of fun things coming...Stay tuned! And, just on a side note-- thank you for stopping by. And thanks to many of you who leave comments. They are always fun and inspiring to read...and I feel like I've made some new friends through this blog. That is pretty darn awesome! I appreciate all your support and interest in the things I've got to say:)...It means the world!  xo

Happy Fourth...Stay safe!


  1. You've certainly got two little characters there - the glee on those faces is brilliant, & so is your photography. Take care of yourself & enjoy the celebrations.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. happy 4th Krista!
    Niamh and Philly are just gorgeous - and you have caught some fantastic moments on camera there.
    Can't wait to see everything you have coming up - sounds exciting
    Can I ask you a big favour? I have, at long last, made a video tut (have been promising to do it for ages) and posted it on my blog. Could you spare 7 minutes to have a lookie - and see if you can understand my Scottish accent ;)

  3. hahaha - these pictures are awesome!!!! your kids are adorable - i'd laugh too with those adorable, silly faces!!!

  4. you are welcome. & thank YOU. i love comments as well. they definitely keep me writing on the days i'm not inspired.

    by the way, i love niamh's name. it's so beautiful!

  5. Happy 4th July Krista ... hope you had a blast!

    Your children so adorable, sooo cute, love their silly faces they pull. And i had to smile at Philly not realising he had lost his tooth, bless!

    Ohh and re-vamping ... that sounds exciting :)

    Guess who's in the Simply Sassy Spotlight today ... hope you like what I made ;)
    Cathy xx

  6. Oh my goodness, they are both TOO cute! What characters!
    - Mandi

  7. OHHH.. Krista those kids were incomparably cute and looks so sweet...
    Wish you all the best,.

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