Girly Girl Stamp...(and a winner!)

Who knew my $12 rainboots would not only be cute, but also useful!:) Our home and yard were fine after the hurricane...only ended up with water in our basement. Which I'll take any day over structural damage; so we were very happy. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and comments...Truly, they all warmed my heart:)!

Over the next couple days, I'm going to give some sneak peeks of a few new digi stamps. The first small batch will hopefully go on sale September 2nd! I'm really, really excited:)! Here is a small notepad I made Niamh for some of her drawings. She is my newest *super girly* stamp, and her eyes are really big and bright-- looking up into the sky. Her name is Nevaeh.

princess digi stamp
sassy stamp
artist krista smith
girly digi stamp
teen digi stamp
digital stamp

I havent forgotten about the dreads giveaway either!! Congrats to
You have some spending money for new funky hair!! (Please email me for instructions on claiming your prize.:)  I loved reading all your hair-color-combo comments! I want to try some of them myself!

Hope Monday has been good to you:)...Phil, me, and our rainboots are headed downstairs to pump the rest of the water from the basement. And I'm gonna get some drawing in, too. Maybe some Battlestar. See if I can convince my sleepy husband to watch an episode with me. (The NY Giants are on, so this is gonna be a hard sell. Pre-season should not count for calling the television:) Have a lovely night!


  1. Gratz to the winner! So glad you guys didn't come home to a big mess. Take care!

  2. Good to hear that you didn't have worse to come home to & most importantly that you're all safe.
    This girl I think is terrific - I'm thinking my way round the digi difficulties & it looks like I shall just have to get to grips with how to get this to work on my MAC. My pencils should be fine with the printer ink.
    Take care with the cleaning up.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  3. PS - I got so carried away with the image I forgot to mention how much I like your colour combo & the dimension you've given her on the project - just delightful.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. I really love this Digi...I can't wait to be able to purchase them too :o)

  5. Glad everyones good. And your right water can be cleaned structural damage can be a nuisance. I love love love this girl. Hurry hurry open your store please.

  6. Glad everyone is alright and there was no structural damage!! Love Naveah! So cute!

  7. Glad you all are ok and there wasn't any major damage!

    Congrats to the winnah!! I think you need to post pics of your new hair! :D

    And, last but certainly NOT least -I am counting down the days to Fri and have a lil' spending money set aside just for some Saturated Canary digi's - esp this Neveah - I adore her!!!!

  8. Fab girly image just love her eyes she's real cute. Hope you won the tv battle too battlestar beats football anyday!

  9. I am so happy you came through fine. I love this digi and can't wait for it to be on sale xx

  10. Glad you got thru Irene without and damage or loss, been following it here in England.

    This is a gorgeous image Krista and I think I am nearly as excited as you about your digi release. I have butterflies lol.
    Been colouring all my Sassy stamps in the last few days to take my mind of things so looking forward to digis.

    Hugs, Mette

  11. Squeal now she is a must have....can't wait for her to be releaesd. Fabulous project, love it. so glad all is well and Irene has passed with little damaged. I agree you can easily clear the water.

    ali x

  12. So glad to here you are all okay! We are supposed to be getting the tail end of it on Friday!

    I LOVE this girl, love her hair and the dress and stripey tights are gorgeous! I know I will have to get ALL the digis!xx

  13. Ahhh!!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you, thank you!!! I will for sure send pic's of my new do' when I get them. You rock Krista!

    Oh and I do love the new digi's by the way. Can't wait to see the line!

    Very glad to know you are safe. I have a lot of family up and down the east coast, such a scary time.

  14. So happy to hear you are all safe and that you did not suffer too much damage to your home.
    Love this girlie - can't wait for the release.
    Denise xx

  15. So happy to hear that all of you are safe and sound it must have been scary.

    Ooh did I read that you are releasing some Digi's I'm now off to your shop and have a little nosy.

    have the beat of days ,
    Hugs Bridget :0) x

  16. I'm glad you all are okay! you did a great job with this nes sassy girl! Love it!
    Hugs Tiets

  17. So glad you're ok. I'd read that Pennsylvania was badly hit too so was worried that you'd gone there. Love the new image, and the pink in her hair is lovely. Annette xx

  18. oh wow i just love the new stamp her eyes are so lush i need this one xx

  19. oh she's a beauty Krista - can't wait to be able to buy her
    hope you get the basement sorted soon



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