My Angel.

Today my angel turned eight.
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Isn't she the tiniest! There I am, eight whole years ago exactly. Holding my sweet muffin. I thought for sure she would weigh 25 pounds-- how else could I have gained almost 70lbs during my pregnancy:)? I remember feeling so shocked at how little she was. Six pounds, ten ounces. And perfectly beautiful.

I held her 24/7 in that hospital. Slept with her propped up in the crook of my arm. And then did the same at home. I knew it wasn't something recommended, keeping the baby in bed with me...but I just couldn't put her down:). She still loves to fall asleep with my arm under her neck. Me, too. It just feels like the world is right. It is my favorite way to fall asleep. Like nothing has changed. Nothing has, really. She is my baby girl. Forever.

She is my world.

She is all the best parts of the women I love.

And she is very much me. Exactly me at eight. Sometimes I look at her or listen to her talk...and think it's like I'm watching my old self. The same worries. The same fears. The same profound love for my family members. The same deep love for the Lord.

And she is Phil to a T. A total jokester. Great storyteller. Loyal as can be. And totally protective of her family.

She played with new toys today. Watched the Smurfs in the movie theater. Ate fish sticks for dinner. (That was the meal she chose out of every other meal in the world. Fish sticks!) Apple pie for dessert. She demanded we ask her wish, after she blew out her candles. So we did. Niamh said "nothing." Everything she could wish for was already at the kitchen table.  How sweet is that?
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Happy Birthday, Lovey. You are my world. I love you more than life.


  1. she is so beautiful. her little smile is the cutest. you are both lucky to have one another.. :)

  2. sounds like the perfect day. and that is definitely the sweetest thing ever about not making a wish

  3. Oh wow. She is absolutely adorable, inside and out. You are very blessed! Happy birthday to her.

  4. She is beautiful in your photos, and in her spirit too. How sweet was her wish! Great post today Krista. Happy birthday to little Niamh too.

  5. What lovely pics! Sending you big birthday hugs Niamh!xx

  6. She is so was and still is so beautiful - wishing her the happiest of Birthdays.
    Hugs and Kisses to Niamh
    from Denise xx

  7. aw bless the photo of you and niamh is beautiful.when i first held my son i was overwhelmed by the love i felt for him, hes still my baby now at 7.
    a very happy birthday to niamh, she is so gorgeous :D

    xx coops xx

  8. Oh she is so precious. Happy birthday to her.

  9. Aw. I love this. Happy Belated Birthday to your sweetheart! She really is adorable. And her day sounds like it was well spent. :]

  10. A day late and a dollar short...here's hoping your special day was as lovely as you are! One of my grown daughters celebrates her birthday all month long...go for it Niamh! :))

  11. Sounds like she had an awesome birthday. Happy birthday to her a bit late.

  12. Happy belated Birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    Hugs, Alina

  13. Niamhy is just tickled by all your sweet bday wishes ladies!! Thank you from the kiddo herself!


  14. Sorry I'm a bit late with this but it sounds like it was a lovely day. Reading the post brought tears to my eyes - just a really delightfully real little girl. Congratulations to you & Phil on your lovely little family. I couldn't help thinking of Philly's delight over Namh's presents too.
    Have a lovely 9th year Niamh & much love from me - a little secret, but shhhh don't tell anyone - I was 51 on the 5th so I'm very old now.
    Paula (PEP)



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