Wednesday Lovin'

Yesterday was East Coast Earthquake Day. The four of us were sitting in the living room, and all of a sudden the walls and floors started shaking. To the point where you could actually see them moving! I was on the couch swaying from side-to-side. Phil thought he was dizzy, and started asking, "What's wrong with me?" (Oh. I will never let him live this down. Mr. Drama thinking the earthquake was all in his own head;)...I guess a lot of people had the same reaction-- some even thought they were having seizures. We don't get a lot of earthquakes in this part of the world, so it was very exciting and scary and crazy! Everyone had a story to tell yesterday. It was fun seeing family and listening to other's tell their version of the tremors!

Onto the things I'm excited to show you this week...Have a look!! It's one of my favorite lists!
watercolor artwork
Look at the amazing piece of artwork one of my readers sent me this week!! It's ME!! I've never had a portrait done, so it was so thrilling receiving her email! The artist's name is Alejandra (love her name!), and her blog is called Doe, A Deer (love her blog, too!). Please head her way and say hi:)...I think her blog header is one of the sweetest I've ever seen! Thank you, lovely girl, for this artwork!!
free people skirt
Fall Free People clothes! FP is such an amazing place to shop. Literally, if I could go on a shopping spree there, I could fill my cart full in 5.8 seconds. I love everything. Literally!
max lucado
My newest read. Phil and I are huge Max Lucado fans. I have so many of his books. He writes in a way that wakes up my soul and sets it on fire. This book is truly life-changing. It is hard to put down!
striped rain boots
Rainboots that cost me $12 and some change!! I waited these boots (from Target) out for months-- months. This week I found my favorite print in my size. For super cheap. I'm gonna need 'em this weekend. Got a hurricane headed up the coast. Last week our area was flooded out. This week we're getting an earthquake and a hurricane. Kinda crazy!!
vintage digi stamp
New business ventures!! I think change is sometimes the best thing to keep you moving forward...trying something a little different, going in a new direction. These things are always exciting! So. Stamping girls-- stay tuned for the opening of my new Etsy store, Saturated Canary Digi's!! I am aiming for early September-- juts in time for Halloween stamps!:)

Here is to a great Wednesday!! Thank you lovely readers for being a part of my day:). Hugs!


  1. Glad you were all OK - hope there wasn't any structural damage to your property. Love the look of your little girl - now I'm a disaster with a printer so please can we have her in rubber??? I went through the Max Lucado Inspirational Bible one year - way back in the late 90s I think it was but haven't seen his later books. My initial bookselling experience was gained in a church bookshop. Prior to that I'd seen my parents set up & run a church bookshop in their "spare time" & when it was viable hand it over to the church where they were Members. That's where I first came across Max Lucado.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Yay - digis. Can't wait. Great idea Krista
    Hugs and thank you
    Denise xx

  3. THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL!!! I can't wait for the Digi's!!!!

  4. Oh youre new venture sounds awesome! Love your portrait, Im heading over to check out Doe A Dear blog after this! :)
    And glad youre ok from the earthquakes! How strange, but glad you all found them exciting too. :)

  5. Ok, I LITERALLY laughed OUT LOUD at your Mr. Drama comment. OMG, I'm STILL chuckling to the point my girls are like, what? mom, what's so funny??? hahaha We've got to hold on to those little moments, right? That aside, I'm glad you are all right! :D

    And next...SHUT UP!!!! Ok, now I mean that in the MOST sincerest of nicest ways of course. haha A DIGI STAMP STORE?!?!? I'm soooo excited....and if you are looking for a DT member...well, I AM available for you seeing as how I'm a a HUGE fan of everything you put to paper!!! *giggle* Although, I'm really serious. I absolutely LOVE your Simply Sassy line at SN and definitely love this little girl you've given a sneak peek of and hopefully some of the others you've drawn will wind up in the digi store as well! I love digi's because 1. they are wayyyyy affordable and 2. instant gratification..need I say more???? ;) I'm so excited for you!!!!

    .....is it September yet????

  6. Oh my goodness.. I am so excited!!! :) you just made my week.. :) HUGS

  7. nice picture.. :)

    Irene W

  8. Scary stuff...I would have been freaking out!
    Hope you all stay safe and dry through the hurricane!

    OMG DIGI'S cannot wait!!!!

  9. Wow scary. We dont get those here in houston but i remember living in ny and getting one years and years ago. Be safe with the hurricane we rode Ike out a few yrs back.....not fun. On the digi nite, super duper excited. I cant wait.

  10. That should have said digi note. Sorry. My ipad has a mind of its own. Lol

  11. Glad you're all ok! Absolutely cannot wait for the digi line!!!!!

  12. I love your designs but I'm probably the odd girl out here when I say I'm no fan of digi's.
    Sure I can use them but there's nothing to compare with rubber imho.

    Hugs Elaine x



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