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This week, I read a post by Ilene @ Much Love, Illy. Besides being one of the sweetest and most friendly bloggers I've met, she has lots of great posts...the kind that either make me crack up or start thinkin' bout things:).Or both:).  She did a post about her current "Happy List."  You know, I have lots to be happy about...but I sometimes forget to just stop and think about those things.  When I pray, I'm usually asking.  Not about things, but asking to keep the kiddies safe...asking about helping family members...asking about this and that.  And when I'm focusing on my work, I'm usually setting goals-- but I hardly ever stop to be thankful for where I am right now.  I can keep going-- but the point is, it is a good thing to take a second and think about being happy.  And there is a LOT to be happy about;)! Here are some sources of happiness for me, right now.

1.  Philly.  His tears these past two weeks have broke my heart...It is hard to drop him off and walk away hearing him cry "Mama!"  ... But I am happy that he has a wonderful, loving teacher who shoo's me away:) and that he has learned new letters this week and made new friends.  I am especially happy when he tells me, "Mom, I thought about you today."  Thank you, Lord, for my boy:).

2.  Battlestar Gallactica sweatshirts for me and Mr. Smith;).  Okay-- so I don't think we can wear them the same day...cause that is crossing a line of matching-spouse-geekiness that I might never return from:)...But, I am so excited for our new BSG sweatshirts to get here:). 

3.  My Etsy stamps...Guys, thank you!!  Oh my goodness, I never expected such an overwhelming response!!  I am so happy.  So thankful.  It is a lot of hard work-- but so rewarding!  Blowing kisses to you all!! 

4.  Niamhy playing school with Philly this afternoon.  And calling me in for a conference, because a certain boy wouldn't keep quiet during her lesson.  Niamh told me it is hard to teach a lesson when a student is talking.  (I might have seen a choir of angels when she said this...)  I had her repeat it to me three times before it dawned on her.  Miss Chatty.  Miss Benchtime:).  Miss Popular:).  She is the sweetest, most well behaved kiddo ever-- but she can talk.  And today, she taught herself a good lesson:).  *Happy mom!*

5.  Having Phil to myself a couple days each week:).  We ran errands, went out to lunch, snuck off to an afternoon movie...I feel like we are back in California sometimes, re-living our first year of marriage:).  It is refreshing...to have him for a few hours each week, all to myself:).  *Although*...this guy in a check out line has the attention span of a 5 year old:).  In the same line he asked me for ice cream, a candy bar, and batteries (asked me...like I was his mom:). But he makes me laugh-- and I love him!!

What is on your Happy List this week??  What do you have to be thankful for??


  1. YOUR digi stamps...ha ha ha...no seriously...i love them.

  2. Love your happy list Kristy, stories from your life makes me smile. And thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us which is one of my happy list - KRISTY'S DIGI SHOP :) and my daughter NOT crying when I drop her of at school this year. My gran being with us (just a little while longer) and although I can't see her I can talk to her.
    Enjoy your weekend sweetie. Hugs, Mette

  3. This is a lovely post today Krista.

  4. So genuine<3 I feel thankful to spend everyday with my best friend with no 9-5 getting in the way of it, just that pesky sleep!

    *please at least take a picture of you both in the sweatshirts...in the privacy of your own home :D

  5. Terrific! You made me think so thank you. Lots to be thankful for:
    1. God knowing better than I do what lies around the corner.
    2. Richard (my husband) & the way he understands me & has helped me grow.
    3. The time I had with my Mum before she died & what both my parents gave me.
    4. Delight in having found my niche in terms of interest.
    5. The existence of medication to enable day to day functioning.
    6. Your encouragement & thought provoking posts & comments.
    Much love & thanks
    Paula (PEP)

  6. awesome idea with the signs and great post, made me smile :)

  7. I've been trying to "be happier" & more positive. I might start doing a Happy list myself. I'm happy this week that my daughter likes school & her new teacher & she has met a few new friends. That I will have a little "alone time" to get things done around the house.

  8. Loving your list! I'm afraid I haven't kept up with my faves blogs because I've been so busy, but I have to say, I just found your digi's on Etsy and I'm in LOVE! Thank you SOOO much for doing this. I personally stink at stamping so this is a Godsend because I'm so totally in love with your work. I was just scrolling down your posts here and saw there was a witch, but I didn't see her there. I would have bought that one for SURE! Will be checking back. xxD P. S. Besides being happy about your digi's too, I'm pretty darn happy that I've just celebrated my 36th anniversary and am still as totally in love as the day we married. Wishing you the same! xxD



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