Lazy Saturday!

I feel so lazy today...but I really haven't been:). I worked on orders this morning. Got up before 830am-- and that is pretty amazing for me on a Saturday morning:)!! Played with kiddies. Did some chores. (Okay. Did a chore. One chore for the whole day. Fell a little short in that area:). Anyways, for all we did, it's just been a lazy Saturday! I didn't even do my hair. Just put a ballcap on:).

The kids and I walked over to my sister's house. It's maybe a half mile away, but the kids like walking it. Kinda feels like a mini adventure because we have to cut across fields and a couple yards:). (That is why I put the ballcap on. I didn't want to be seen out and about in someone else's backyard with my frizzy hair undone:). The field is full of corn stalks right now. It was pretty fun-- until I almost walked into the biggest spider I've ever seen (not behind glass in a zoo). It was the size of my hand. The cornfield spider. Let's just say there were shrieks coming from the cornfield this afternoon as three "nut jobs" (that's what Niamh called us) ran through the remaining rows:).

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Niamh thought it would be funny to wear a winter hat. She dressed herself-- I'm not sure the hat is the funniest part:). I really can't decide. That would be another area I kinda dropped the ball on today-- dressing my girl (and myself:). Oh well...someday's you gotta forget about looking good and just enjoy the day!
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Do you love those lazy days...the ones when pajamas never get taken off and ballcaps (also, winter hats) hide hair? 

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We do!:)


  1. We LOVE our lazy days!! I even called my husband over to look at the pics... I was like "Look, it's our children" we both laughed. That is what our boys look like when the try to dress themselves!!

  2. LOVES IT! my daughter insists on dressing herself complete with skirts at shirt and jeans in 120 degree weather! hahahaa

  3. good to know girls!! glad I'm not the only mama who lets the kids dress themselves from time to time:)...it is funny, what they will pick out!!


  4. We are having a lazy Sunday and if my hubby didn't get up and get the girls showed and dressed (my sleep in day) they might had very well been in their pj's still like I am right now hehe, so does that mean I win, cause I'm still in my pj's, hehehe! I love what your daughter picked, bit of everything. When my girls picked there is usually always a fairy dress somewhere in there... xx

  5. Lazy days are the BEST!I just wanted to thank you again I LOVE my new avatar *hugs*

  6. Haha Krista - sometimes it's best to let your daughter dress herself - new fashion inspiration and she looks kool. Mine would put on winter boots with hotpants and bikini top - hilarious.
    My lazy day is usually sunday when we do baking and do a roast in the oven.
    Love your pics

    Hugs, Mette

  7. Fab pics Krista .. .and bless Niamh dressing herself! Both my girls have dressed themsleves since about the age of 3yrs ... I have got used to their "quirly" dress sense!!!!
    LOVE lazy days, just don't have enough of them.
    Cathy xx

  8. Love the pics, and I think Niamh's outfit is gonna catch on !! We'll all be wearing it next summer. LOL

  9. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I HATE Spiders!! of all sizes! I can see one without screaming if it's the size of my finger tip.. any larger you hear me throughout the neighbor hood...

  10. Ahhh... gotta love Saturdays like that. :) :)

  11. Ahhhhh best kind of day....i think i'll join ya today and stay in my lounging pajama bottoms....yeah!!!!

  12. bahah.. crazy 'children of the corn'! That is a fun memory to have.. hiking it through the corn rows to get to family. I like it. I still miss YOUR corn rows.. ;o)
    needle and nest design

  13. OH I love Lazy days and Duvet days, keep the PJ's on all day and snuggle in bed watching TV and snack on comfort food - the 3 groups - Chocolate , candy, Crisps (Chips) French Fries and hot dogs or burgers!

    Only problem is I don't have a butler to cook and bring my snacks to the bedroom aarrrrghghh!

    Chocolate , Pop, and sweet candy - all with wrappers on and no cooking yiiipppeeee!

    Oh your new DIGI's are so awesome Krista , My Jaw dropped open - so delish and Lush!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  14. oh yes, we have at least one jammie day every weekend usually and hey, worse things happen at sea.

  15. So cute Krista! We all have lazy days...except my MIL. I was staying with her once and she came home from work to find us all in jammies and she wanted to know why nobody was dressed and I told her we were having a lazy day...she was flabbergasted!
    I set out to take some pics of DD this weekend and just b4 we were going out she found a winter glove and had to wear it! Now I have her all dressed cute and wearing a knit glove she wouldn't take off....it will make a fun memory!

  16. Amazing photos of that corn field. I had to chuckle over Niamh's attire too. Now as to spiders - no problem in this household but a wood louse is another story.........All 6ft 4ins of Richard will shout "can you come & deal with one of your friends - just put him outside please" so I have to evict all of three eighths of an inch of woodlouse. The 3 inch spider is another story "just leave him be, he's not doing any harm."
    Paula (PEP)

  17. I love the first photo!




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