10 Awesome Years.

Yesterday Phil and I snuck off to the beach:). Last week we hit our ten year mark-- 10 years!! I still can't believe we've been married that long! We don't do anniversary presents, because we would rather use the money to go on a date. Since it's a nice round number...even a bit of a milestone...we drove 45 minutes east to our favorite place. Possibly on the planet:). Ocean City. My parents love this big, pink hotel right on the beach...and my mom convinced me to make reservations there when she raved about their morning omlettes for the third time in one phone conversation:). (i'm an omelette chick. you put a big fat cheese omelette in front of me, and i'm just goooooood:). It was a little pricey for one night, but we were right on the water. And left the sliding doors to the balcony open all night. Listened to the waves in our sleep:). It was my favorite anniversary date so far...and I think it might have to become a tradition. We already want to go back:).

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craft girl
craft girl

I love spending time with Phil. And it is nice to know he really enjoys hanging out with wifey, too:). He is my greatest friend. I could talk endlessly about him, but I'll keep it short. So you get 10:).

1. We have had exactly 167 conversations about the movie 300 (one of my top three movies ever)...How every guy in that movie is air brushed (Phil's opinion:). And he calls himself my 301. *giggle*

2. In the middle of every throw-down (this is when he is tickling me relentlessly on the couch), he likes to add (just so I know), 'I'm only at 10% right now.'

3. He gave me a second family that I love more than life. His sisters, brother, parents, nieces and nephews, and brother-in-laws are a beautiful part of my life. I couldn't live without them. And he loves my family just like I do. As much as I do. And they adore him, too. Especially the girls;).

4. Phil and I like to have a catch outside. I love his face when I throw a wacky one waaaaaaay over his head...his annoyed, grumpy face:)...And the thing is, it just makes it even worse. Cuz then I'm trying so hard to throw the ball good, that I just suck the rest of the time:).

5. After we rent a scary movie, he turns all the lights off like he is going to bed...and then hides somewhere in the house. To scare me. Every. Single. Time.

6. He is a great dad. A really, really great dad.

7. He loves Halloween. He has a whole stash of masks in storage. Last week he bought a mask and drove around for 15 minutes doing errands with me as Freddy Krueger. Claw and all.

8. He buys me perfume once a year. Like the really good, expensive kind. And I'm not even a perfume person-- but I cannot wait till he hands me that package on my birthday:).

9. He told me once that he took a double take of me. Before he realized I was his wife. And that he was sorry:). I wasn't sure if I should punch him or kiss him. (I kissed him...I mean, how romantic is that??:)

10. Last month we were fixing the roof together. Not really getting along up there-- as we both new the 'correct way' to do it:). And it started raining. And thundering. And things were rolling off the roof onto the ground. And I was telling him I would NEVER work with him on a construction crew. And he was telling me that he'd never let me. And then I asked him for a kiss. Cause we'd never kissed on the roof before.

And he kissed me. A lot:).

It is a good feeling, after 10 years, to know we couldn't work on a construction crew together for more reasons than just butting heads;).

I love you more than life, 301.

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  1. So sweet! I'm still waiting to find my one and only, and stories like this give me hope! Happy 10th!

  2. This is so sweet!! Happy Anniversary!! Ive been Married for going on 35 yr. and I have to say, My old heart still skip's a beat when my hubby enters a room..He's my everything!!
    Hugs, Linda

  3. This is one of the sweetest posts I've read. Congratulations on 10 years of marriage!

  4. awwwwww this is lovely krista. Super happy anniversary hun. that view is gorgeous,scott and i have always said when we are old and crinkly we want to live near the sea, i love that relaxing sound of the waves and the shapes they leave in the sand when the tide goes out.
    huge hugs Lou xxxxxx

  5. Happy Anniversary Krista,
    What an adorable, sweet post, LOVED reading it!!!
    WOW....what a gorgeous place you stayed at, it looks so serene, you and your hubby look gorgeous together,
    Biggest hugs

  6. 10 years congratulations! ♥♥
    We've only been married for 7 but have been together for 10 years this month

  7. ohhh my goodness......that was so sweet!! huge congrats...Ocean city is very romantical:)

  8. aw so sweet krista.huge congrats to you and your hubby on your 10th anniversary :D

    xx coops xx

  9. Naaaaaw I smiled all the way through this Krista! I absolutely loved it! It's funny how you can go from having a "tiff" to kissing, hubby and I can be like that. You both seem as lucky as each other to have met and fallen in love and still have that spark!

    P.s the hiding I had to laugh hehe! After the grudge hubby wouldn't stop and still does make that noise in the dark, he knows I fricken hate it lol!

    BIG hugs gorgeous xx

  10. Beautiful post Krista...Happy Anniversary!
    Phil loves to sit quietly while we are watching scary movie then right at the tense bit he will grab me ....scares the life out of me everytime and I know he is gonna do it!
    Hugs to you and your Phil XOXO

  11. this is so inspiring! and exactly what a marriage is sopposed to look like - happy! :)

  12. You guys seem very cute and happy together! :]

  13. What a beautiful story! Happy anniversary :)

  14. omigosh omigosh it makes so much sense now - your 'package' in the mail is totally now a happy anniversary gift!! ;o) You'll know when you see it. So happy for you guys and your happiness!
    May Christ be your centre and draw you tighter together as you draw closer to Him!
    Mel needle and nest

  15. Aww so sweet! Love all you have written about him! Congratulations on your milestone! I hope i'm as happy as you both are in 7 years time!! Love the photo of you (assume its your wedding day!) hugs to you both xxx

  16. Happy Anniversary and many many more!!! Me and hubby celebrated our 10th this year too! Time flies doesn't it!!! Loved reading your post.

  17. Hi Krista, happy 10th anniversary. Some of us are so, so lucky to have met our "soul mate" and journey through life together. I love the photo from 10 years ago - notice you have'nt changed much in your craving for hair adornments!!
    Vee xx

  18. OMG Krista! First of all Congrats to both; on being so happy and so in love. That is a celebration on its own:0) I just love how you express yourself with your words and how you tell the story, I can just hear you....a true artist. Thanks for the sharing this extra special moment with us.
    I am a total scary cat and don't like watching scary movies. But my hubby loves them and so when he rents them I always say that I will not watch it but then end up sitting through it; which then makes me a bigger scary cat. I think I would kill him if he tried to scare me; or I would die of fright!
    Anyway; glad you had a super 10th Anny; take care and may you have many more anniversaries to come.

    Big hugs;

  19. This is just adorable. I love it all. Happy anniversary to you both. I celebrated my 10th year together with my hubby last month, our anniversary is Sept 11th (that is THE sept 11th) which is kinda hard, as it was a good day in terms of us meeting, but awful day in every other way.
    Best wishes to you both.

  20. AWWWW I love it ! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  21. What a gorgeous and moving tribute to your main man. LOVE It! Happy Anniversary - wishing you both the best life has to offer! xx

  22. This post is so cute! :) Made me smile so big. hehe You two sound so sweet! Congrats on 10 years! wow!
    And I LOVE the movie 300 too, and Gladiator! Two of my all time favies! :)
    My husband likes to sneak attack and scare me too. But its easy for him.. he could walk into a room normal then say one word and I jump! I am just easily scared and very jumpy.. no clue why.
    And my husband likes to attack my neck! Its the most ticklish place on my body aside from my thighs... and I go into freak attack mode.. making all sorts of crazy noises from laughing so hard and trying to defend myself. haha

    That is so great that your hubby went around with you as freddy. haha I was laughing hard about that one. Guys are so silly! One night while getting ready for bed, I came into our room and saw the hubs in bed already with blankets covering even his face. I was like what are you doing? He didnt answer. I was like hey are you gonna kiss me goodnight or what? He didnt say anything... So Im like FINE! Lay in bed all huffy... and then I see out of the corner of my eye the blankey slowly come off of him and he slowly leans over... he turn my head towards him thinking he is gonna finally kiss me goodnight.. to see something freaky and I panicked and punched "it" in the face!! HAHAHA
    Once I realized it was just the hubs in a John McCain mask I busted out laughing so hard and couldnt stop for about 15 minutes.
    I almost felt bad for punching The Hubs in the face.. but he totally deserved it for trying to scare me! hahaha

  23. awww krista, that is such a sweet post! congrat's on 10 whole years, we've just had our 1st hehe!!! hugs xx

  24. Belated Congratulations to you both. We also had our tenth this June. God really knows what He is doing when He pairs us up doesn't He? We were in a big store last week & I just pulled him round a corner & kissed him then caught sight of a couple of bemused older women looking at us & couldn't stop laughing - it's a good feeling isn't it?
    Paula (PEP)

  25. OK, that was one of the sweetest posts I've ever read!! I bet you two make everyone around you jealous. :-)

  26. I'm just getting to catch up on some of your blogs. I think this is one of my favorites! Very romantic! And not at all because of #3 (but loved that one!)! I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love the way you love Philip! I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect! Love ya!!



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